Disney Hit The Motherlode At The Box Office This Weekend Watch The Stock Do It Too! +Bitcoin

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it is being demolished in Cars 3. Whatever it means...

Me: gets the chancleta

Madison Rose

I was not expecting KITTENS.


I grinned through this entire video :) I thought I was all alone. I get you brother.

Dimitri Apostle

Why can’t he play like this in games? 😱😱

blueberry pie

Is it weird i actually want to see this

Jodi Ho

I can’t think of a comment so can you please like my comment because I didn’t waste your time

DarkAngel_1211 XD

NF Hi I’m going to see you when u come to Pittsburgh I’m getting lit and soo excited to see u preform and it’s even my first concert I’ve ever been to, too!

Deya Acosta


nath7003 nath7003

I've been through this too.

Samuel Esparza

Isn't it Hood Safari?

This is actually the most beautiful and meaningful video that I've seen recently on youtube😍😍😍

Nolan Chavaria

Her:I’m the only health person in my family

The Lion

Nobody here has even played infinite warfare, the game looks good. The missions look somewhat like the modern warfare missions, just in the future...the world isnt what it used to be and neither should a video game...COD is trying to give you whiny bitches a different game every year. Some of you just love to bitch. Give the damn game a chance. COD>Battlefield

Stoked 10

Your videos ate very well made I love watching them


What is your song?

Jenson Palmer

Budget valley obstacle how mind word attitude down elegant analyze naturally.


Rage Monster

Gobananazzz07 Productions


Vortex 9

I gave cannon green

OPgi Sh0tz

I haven't seen Travis in years...


I’m Paul but I also do have a extremely hard time with opening up and trusting anyone. I’m also very insecure and clingy and can be a little possessive. In my last relationship I always blamed myself when something went wrong but my sister would always tell me I wasn’t the only one being wrong but I always would feel like it was always me everytime because I’m so fucked up😢💔

Edit everyone pumas or adidas ignoring this guy was a NAZI cmon im a jew

Raoul Pereira

Gosh, the boyfriend is a psychological abuser.