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BECAUSE HE’s TIRED OF PACKING TEAMS BY HIMSELF. That’s why he walked away from 30MILLION, because he wanted to be on a team where he had other people carrying the load in the playoffs. He didn’t give up 30MILLION to go to another small market where he has to pack the team. Look the only reason the raptors have a chance is due to injuries, can’t hope for luck every year. The very best place for Kawhi, (because he said all he wants to do is win) is the Lakers. You have a beast of a load carrier there all ready and Kawhi going there would bring Klay Thompson there because Durant is staying in GS. Alright! This should make things easier.

yktv h0rny

I thought he said "bones found on dick sights" eye--

Stephan Bohley

I am Getting parallel Vibes to jaina proudmoore especially in the beginning with the ice and water. WHO else?

pubg gaming tamil

72 with my first time

cherry blossom

im so so so sorry bijju


Smashmouth, y u do dis?

People don't usually cut the front of their arms so people won't see.

Karol Nowak


kevin couture

is it possible that no team wanna bid on injured kd during off season so kd sign with gsw again for less than supermax like boogie?

Vicente Zavala

Who makes the spanish subtitles? They are trash


All this time I thought you were Indian :(

Alex Madic

& u r the worst ever YT-er

Just kidding 😂

Mike Landolfi

The editing on all of these videos is truly amazing

Llamacorn33579 45

He looks like Nico from The Heroes Of Olympus! Lol and it was Jason who caused the lightning!!


2019? Like if so!

Gage Grimes


Konstantinos Schizarakis

Lionel messi

savagebrothers 3232

Why did the receiver have gloves the hole time

craig xen dies.

Nistha Katwal

Didnt understood

She really is the best! ❤️

Younes CRL


Me & U

That's so warm

Aldyfa Naufal

I feel really happy when i see your new videos is released

LPS Collie Zツ

I live in Bosnia

Rosy Coca

Esta mierda se prendio

Jm Pelota

I want ball can you give me

Ella Kendrick


Ryan Seager

easter egg of yogscast inside a video about easter eggs?

P.s:kill er if u can/call the police


Gonna miss that little furball 🐶 😢❤️ get well soon Jeffree and Nate.

Prikolshik арнасы

5:26 wow yes fantastic

Rashed A

1:42 srsly -it's for short

fred fred gaming

That's impossible????😮😮😮😮😮😮