DJ Drama - My Moment ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Jeremih

From DJ Drama's new album "Quality Street Music"- in stores and online from eOne Music on October 2


I cant wait! Even though i’m not 7 anymore;)


*Gasp* Minecraft isn't an indie game!


I want a mod that renames Murrine to Lieine

Yosmar Bordones

That's why I love you James

emmaline _ 191

i never realized how much more interesting their celebrating made it until the players didn't even react

If you read this beginning to end I appreciate that thank you for reading this!

cringe show

Truly so Inspiring

Wow I didn't realise he reminded me of Kreiger until that "also yes..."

Leonardo Crupi

why it looks so real? we all know that an 80% of their tricks are an after effects montage.


Panda falling out of a tree

Michelle Sithole

Isn't it funny how we urban kids take school for granted when these kids would risk losing their families just to be in school?!

Stephanie Lanning

You need a gym like you used to have


Please stop with these YES COMMENTS ! ! I'm begging you, this is just headache


I had OCD when i was 7-8.

Youssef Saleme

Cerrone his a fucking great warrior

SO......imagine if that 8 minute play of your life is actually what we are all going through right now....we're already dead?