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TheHamster 767

This has a r/thathappened vibe

Julie Noora

I'm a big fan!

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Isaac Haupt-Lucas


Amon Rau

That's not too difficult to swim a mile!

Noa Mathieu

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Lennox the corn snake

Garter snake not garden

Alex Gosselin

2:28 is beautiful

JT Ramos

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Stuart Cooney

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Raylisha Godbolt

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Ashley McDaniel

I had the same thing happen to me so when I was in the 4th grade I had a friend and his name was Daniel and so when we were in class sitting next to each other and he slowly inched his hand on to my leg and then he placed his hand into my pants and touched me over and over again this had happened to me for a year untill I had told the teachers and they helped me and now he is in jail and I am happy that it was solved I am I'm 6th grade now and I wonder what would of happened if I didnt tell anything about this

That baby from Max Payne reminds me of that

B ananprinsen


Grace Nern

Lmaoooo why tf is this video literally Starving in Suburbia

RyujiGaming _

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Jolie Morrow

Travis should be drafted to the Dallas Cowboys or the Texans even though they are rivalries .

Joann Chavez

i stoped lenny from flying away XD

Manuel Tramarin

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Los Angeles 16

Warriors win tonight because Raptors defensive plan has to change now leaving steph ,klay or KD open plus its already a mental thing for both teams knowing KD is playing tonight.

Tyler Francis

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Aidans CHANNEL of fun

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Sol Soman

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Cook Lol

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Lori Pike

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JayDen Watson


NoName 711

This is so confusing what does this even mean

Mary Karnafel

My theory: Elsa leaves so she can save her city or town becuase the trolls have told her that a big monster has come for her, but Elsa and Hans come to help.

Ajay Kumar

J0aNA? Ceddia?🐸