DOOM’s Development: A Year of Madness

“Does it run DOOM?” is the oft-heard phrase as it is the canonical first-port for any system, be it a toaster, touch bar or printer. Programmer, game designer, level designer and DOOM II final boss John Romero delivers a postmortem on the game showing rarely seen material, memorializing its immersive but nerve-wracking 3D environments, networked multiplayer deathmatches, demonic imagery and themes, Barney WADs, exploding barrels, and BFG 9000.The global dev community meets at WeAreDevelopers, an event dubbed by many as the “Woodstock of Developers”. The WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019 will be in Berlin on June 6&7 and John will be there again! Get your ticket now.Visit the largest developer playground in Europe!WeAreDevelopers

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Is the Plants vs. Zombies: GW easter egg a reference to the megalodon easter egg hunt from Battlefield 4, before it was actually put in BF4?

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