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Wouldn't you be happy that you have somthing to raise

Luna_BtsFan_Jungkookie Army


Jonny Watts

I think he was offsides on that TD pass

Therefore, i compare my happiness to others ._.

Jordan Zirbel

FZffU rvrbthtehh

Tim DeSautel

Ty might be able to win a battle but win it comes to shaving he deserves an f

Andrew Gosewehr

I'm team TY


I don't know why I'm crying

N2G Fangz

2018 anywone

Twisted PL

Anyone 2019?

Jellymixx Films

Thank you for uploading this video

I am homeless because my pen broke This has been a pretty crazy year for me on Youtube, with a video I made getting over 4 million views in a few months and the huge increase in subscribers I've gained this year, it's been pretty amazing. Thanks to everyone that's supported me and my videos, whether you started watching from the beginning or only this year, it means a lot that you take your time to watch my videos. Hoping for a great 2014. Thanks for Watching.

Faiz Zakaria

simpsons hit & run


Mind opened and blowned!

The Ninja TV

hey dude perfect


Hey Tyler are you smart or dumb or smart or dumb

Perfect perfect perfect

Hunnter Powelll

man ive been a big fan of yours for years man. i just gotta say its been cool seeing as how your improvements have gone on through oout the years. raviolli raviolli im high ass fuk, face reveal?

Gino Albajes

you speak spanish?

Tae_Withthatguccigucci _

All these comments saying they thought she turned him straight. I wanna know how to do that

Bjørn Almlöf

I didnt get the penguins one...

Jasceel Tan

I love these artworks. May I know who the artist is? She deserves recognition. This is so gooood. 💖💖

Anthony Salgado

Have you done a fallout video there's lots of easter eggs for that game

cousins forever21

Has anyone noticed gareet is not wearing purpwl in this hes wearing green 👽👽


maaan outlast was scarier than this fucking game, can not believe they stop making Silent Hill which by the way the demo was scarier than outlast and almost any scary game smh this game is the reason why silent hill stop smh



Gonk __

I was actually born 3 months too early, I still have small scars on my hands from needles ect

Michelle Frederick

Thumbs up for swimming stereotypes


Heres to a great 2015 Guru, keep working hard. Quality over quantity! <3


I think he got the picture.

Kevin Mcgaha

Dude perfectknows me give me 8,000 likes

Reetu Jain

What about cricket

Harry Heller

I have found the phyconaguts before but did not know what it ment

Otaku Lunatic

We have to force ourselves to love our parents when sometimes they don't, so exasperating.

Lps Schleich

sexism SUCKS! >_>