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Stefan Nedeljković

Man 1st one 😂😂😂😂

Yaqub Ali

I’m not scared I’ll fight for my own right


i get irritated and stressed easily. i sometimes sway uncontrollably or have a feeling of swaying and feel lightheaded. do i have anxiety?

Avery James

This is such a beautiful video. God bless dude perfect and all those beautiful children in Africa! The dislike button shouldn’t even be an option for this video

Joaquin Gonzalez


bimbang harbonia

Saying ugly is meaning a person who don't like what god made she like when devil made her

Ajith Nair

My favourite sport is snowboarding

Aman Bhargava

Play 'GIANT' giant jenga

Aditya Verma

I would be dead if the origin story of Johnny silverhand starts from his dog getting killed.


didnt realise vigil had an american accent

shawn dorsett

2017 anyone

Nat Estela

Tu m'a brisé le cœur


The toilet.bed.couch.floor.chair.table.vehicle. is lava

Dark_Light MC

My dude I thought this was common knowledge.

Present Bomb YT

You look like Hiro from Big Hero 6

Bronson Wally

Can it get anymore fake ?

Cam Turk

was their any bloopers

Jesse Rushing

Am I the only person wondering how tf he got run the jewels to be his chopper song?

Bret Foy

are you ever going to do a face reveal?


Weres ur boobs

Lion B Oficial

Hola amigos, son cantante urbano puedes entrar a mi canal a escuchar mi nuevo sencillo, agradecería su apoyo

Jessica Peterson

Tyler is wearing camo crocs


Overprotective mom I don’t think the baby will drown by water he will drown by all of the life jackets

Mr. lombalomba

Why would u do that >:(

Kara Kuipers

I love how he wore a blanket to match them 😂😂

Amogh Painuly

Ur late

I don't know what it means lolololololololololololoo



Ah but also you forgot about the famous line "is it someone new" that both the priest say and the first bioshock 1 splicer says before leaving the sub

Rad Lago

Why did he say what?