নতুন EBL Dual Currency Visa Debit Card A to Z

নতুনEBL Dual CurrencyVisa Debit Card A to Z Eastern Bank is delighted to introduce Travel Quota and Office Quota on Debit Card for EBL Visa Debit Cardholders. Previously our customers could only avail yearly Travel Quota and Office Quota on their Credit and Prepaid cards. From now on, our Debit cardholders can enjoy the same benefit to meet their International travel needs through their local accounts.Frequently Asked Questions1. What is Travel and Office Quota for Debit Cardholders?This is a feature for the Visa debit cardholders to use their card around the world to perform international transactions. Cardholders can endorse their passport against the debit card and use it anywhere by spending from their local account.2. How will the foreign currency transaction take place through Debit Card?For foreign currency transaction, the customer can use the Debit card in ATM, POS and E-Commerce websites. For USD transaction, equivalent BDT amount will be charged. For any foreign currency transaction (e.g. AUD, INR etc.) other than USD, the amount will be converted to USD first and then equivalent BDT amount will be charged.3. Is it possible to split endorsement amount for Debit Card?No. A customer cannot split his/her existing endorsement amount for the debit card. Customer will have to endorse separately for using this debit card. Customer will have to cancel previous endorsement and endorse again for the debit card if he/she doesn't have available travel quota remaining.4. What will be Cash withdrawal fee for International transaction?International Cash withdrawal fee will be USD 2.5 (+VAT) per transaction.5. What is required for using the Debit Card for foreign transactions?The card has to be endorsed for performing foreign currency transactions. You can perform USD transactions anytime until the expiry of your endorsement.6. What is the conversion rate of USD transaction?The conversion will be settled at EBL Standard Mid-rate (the rate on the day of transaction performed).7. Where can I endorse my passport?Passport endorsement can be done at any EBL branch, EBL Cards Center or at EBL SKYLOUNGE.8. Is there any fee for endorsement?No. Endorsement is free for all customers.9. Can the debit cardholders whose cards are tagged against RFCD account avail this service?No, RFCD account tagged debit cards cannot be used for debit card Travel Quota. If they want to avail this feature, they will have to apply for a separate debit card.10. Can Mastercard Debit cardholders avail this facility?No, only Visa debit cardholders (except Global Debit) can avail this service at this moment.11. How much can cardholder endorse for Travel and Office quota?For Travel Quota, cardholders can endorse up to USD 5,000 for SAARC countries & Myanmar and USD 7,000 for non-SAARC countries on their card (based on availability of yearly endorsement amount). For Office Quota, cardholders can endorse up to USD 350 for SAARC countries & Myanmar and USD 400 for non-SAARC countries per day on their card. For Office Quota relevant documents have to be submitted.12. What will be the charge for new issuance and replacement?Charges will be applicable as per latest Schedule of ChargesFor further information call our 24X7 Contact Center at 16230 or visit your nearest EBL BranchTechno FireMati you so much for watching this video. Please don't forget to thumbs up, give your feedback and share it with your friends and family. Disclaimer :- This Channel does not promote any illegal content, Does not encourage any kind of illegal activities. All contents provided by this channel is meant for EDUCATIONAL purpose only.Please Subscribe to my channel » it’s free- you don’t miss any future videoRealTech Master Helpline Number is Created for The Subscribers ( Contact Us )you soon. Take care, Mahafuj AlamSocial - Facebook: Group: Id : : #VisaCard #EBL

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