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Eshka Brat ан Мориста

Это или очень качественный монтаж,или пацаны реально богом рождены!

Keep Quiet

1:09 I think the problem is she took some LSD and everything turned crazy and rainbow

Michele Horner

Hey dude perfectcon you do tennis stereotypes

Kenzie M

What about a mom addition?


Why th helll is every body saying 1 like for a punch

Ulo mow

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TG IsBae

The shot at 3:50 is so fake

Hudba Play

I´m from Czech republic :D Your videos are beautiful :D My english not good :D

Anyways I'm sorry I talked about my life I just don't like actually talking to people about these

Grant The Hierophant

meh... still not sold :c

Lee Henderson

The main appeal for the UBI to me is that it means people no longer have to work out of desperation.

Cowgirlladynoir Horses

I. Have. CHILLS!!!!

7. Liam Neeson isn't killing anyone in this scene. ding

The Legend bro

Divorce why can the man did not know she s a gold digger


I noticed that they were at the beach my family goes to every summer


1:16 NUT SHOT!

Melissa Wadle

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Ava UwU

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Kinda stupid

you guys are awesomewhere did you guys learn the shots?how much do you practice them?


That ending is truly amazing

Bryan Cross

Is that real money

Miriam Lesman

JSC Jawbreaker !! 💖