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There's a lot of missed high fives and handshakes in this video...It makes me feel uneasy.

The Mexican Jesus

Yo lmao for the fucking guy who got dumped for his brother.

Alex Reinstein


The Platinum Player

Where is panda from 🐼

Ali sade

Die hard fan men liked and shared

Shenelle K. Smith

I know how that feels

Dilly _t

This makes me feel made because I’m obese and don’t have a brain tumor

Glen Ryan

I love this video I go arcadeing ecationaly please make arcade battle 2

Demon Elmo

Tyler already did


My fav... gar and ty


Remember, if you see spam comments, report them. I already got 5. Looking out for you guru.

Me: gets a or C. well I'm passing



Purple Drank

Oh no hell is upon us

Jessica Torres

This made me sad. My family went through the same situation growing up in Salvador. They would have hard time sleeping hearing gunshots at night. One by one 6 out of 10 siblings left to US. and one in CANADA. My parent met in tx and that was when I was born. Both have citizenship but, how they both came up just made me remember how though they had growing up.

Malcolm Baker

What is he saying? 1:49

Jared Morrow


Alpha x Krazy

Why the tree sooner or later there will be no trees

Cool dudes 101

That game is to old

Jay Midi Man

The day I have been waiting for! Can’t wait to experience this again its my childhood 👌😱😀

Dominate 2

I love it

hbukh jhbui

Durant carrying these fools,warriors is trash without him

andres felipe velez lopez

india would win

Gavin Leyba

Can you do a basketball again

Arielle Knows Best

Girl you are over exaggerating a A- is good for me

Peter Flood

I have autism and know how u feel

Griffin Albrightson

Every like = a win in cobys future