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Plunketts 0003

To Bad From Nooooooooö Çåĺļ föŕ Ďŕèw

roman legionhare

Go Dolphins!Can't wait for Tannehill to get back in the lineup.


5:17 so did he F^~!k u or slapped u with his belt?

Kiyanna Ferguson

But all my Texans can’t forget about Saltgrass steakhouse!!!

Oktawian Czeczotka

PleasedothisinRussia, Thanksalot.

Porteño Master Race

I knew the Hillary C. one, I read it in wikipedia years ago.

Gacha_Flower x


Jared Morrow



My name is paul

Explosives Specialist Beltway

0:34 statue of happiness????????

Estrano Perez

God I freakin Love Respawns attention to detail.


Is Spider-Man in this


I just watch an entire show in sub first then dub lol

Since the game features many philosophical reflections about artificial intelligence and with the fact that the Hero of the game IS actually a robot... well I guess you get it

Jocelyn Freeman

Im dying at yall clicking the pens

Even with the music blasting I still hear ya

Moose Plays

didnt expect 30 hours at the end. I love you

Lenzkie lorence

My favorite the one that catch the ball with a cup

adeknya zhar borneo


Rey Mark Rivera

I love the result with your face


Wait...that’s a game?