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ZP Sports

Nice... Check out myu ball shots



Lesly Delara

That’s allot of emotions for a 5 year old

When you confront Eddie Winters he says "Who the fuck are you?" And if you pick the "Sarcastic" dialog your character replies with "It's me Eddie. Your old pal, Sheamus Mcfuckyourself."

Liam Lancaster


Pixxi Periwinkle

if you listen closely, you can hear the 2 billion five-year olds


my question is: will this be in the handsome collection?

Maynor Murillo

Yes!! Another great TOP 10 by Guru. Thanks for the weekly uploads man!

Cody_269 B

You are a god😲


way to steal a video FAGIT

Samuel votaw

This is what i like about you you interact with your subs if you can that's why you are one of the best my friend you will always be on my sub list

TFG_ 85

this game looks so good that youtube can’t even compress it properly.


The dog and maria had me 😭


I got a legendary golf club out of the midget

Karen Eames

the football tire missed go back to 6 minutes 42and look closly

Electra Heart

Can't believe i'm gonna say this but at least Donald Trump isn't like this guy, gosh. Honestly this is super horrible...

Lesey Allen

Ok this is all sad and everything but.......


Favorite Dude Perfect video

JR Gomez

sadly none of these work anymore ;-;


Season 4 of Black Mirror is loaded with easter eggs and connections to other episodes, so here's a handful of my personal favourites. I've been watching Black Mirror since it first aired in the UK and it's been one of my favourite shows ever since my fake Prime Minster porked a pig. I'm still pretty divided on this season a week after watching it so I'm curious what you all thought about it. The lack of thematic variety this season got a little tiring so maybe it's better watched individually rather than in a binge. Anyway, I hope you guys liked the video and thanks for watching!

Awesome Sauce

storytime : i was bullied for being a homophobe (nOt cLicKbAiT)

blog Extremo

quiero ser la van me encanta la Foster family: ....

Nathaniel Ratliff

he looks like tony romo

Minnesota Mexican

Terrible song

A Plus André

Hi I’m just gonna tell you that there is another YouTube or called vet19 And they say they’re better than you there called dude decent I want you to have a challenge with dude decent

Me realizing I lost a lot of money because of No

Hillary Trump

I like watching the game easter egg videos


Kappa isn't really that scary to me lol.

Justin Vader

She hot

Sleepy Min Yoongi

My life is over...

Kordex Gaming

This is reminding me of 911 this is sad


I live in colorado

5tubborn N1nja

The song sounded like hello by Adele at first

J Jill Allen

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Joaquín Koller

those easter eggs everybody knows those


something dangerous or harmful to others like if your kid is being mean to anuther kid its importent to so no that's not how we treat people. also if you say yes to every toy thy can couse them to devale the itmes. thy are still lerning so we as resposibel adults have to set reasonable boundaries.

sense_ Nmf

Nearly shed a tear what a strong lad

The Fun Cousins

Like Cory

Singalong Monkey

Don't freak out folks, that only 46.1 degrees

peach missed

Then why do my doctor and my mom telling me to lose weight?

Ahad Kamran

3:54 Coby's dad is a mannequin.😂

Aaryan Khan

They should doing again now but also bring tim-bits also and one v one, one of the Dallas stars players