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Alan A

I saw Rainbow 6 in the thumbnail made me interested


sreelej nair



Shark on, shark on!!

Harun Poljo

I Love it

Maybe •

Ля какой

Husky gaming 97

Why is the movie super queit

Lovers can see to do their amorous rites

a potato on the internet

U know what is worst.... I'm eating captain crunch right now and I'm slowing down eating as the video procedes because I'm like if I keep eating this I will die o well I will die some way or another bring in the chips!!!


Ella es callaitaaaaaaa

Sam Bolitho

Did anyone else notice that the shortest of the 3 winners got 3rd, the... middlest?... was 2nd and the tallest got first!


thanks for the vid

William Massey

I've always been a Cory fan!!!

Heng Piseth

can you give me 10 free frisbee and 1 soccer ball

Shadow Kissed

This is how I found out my daughter died inside of me. Though I was not as far along as this lady I was 19 weeks pregnant a week before they consider a miscarriage a stillbirth. While she was being wheeled into the delivery room I was being sat down by my doctor and explained that he recommend that they conduct a d&c and scrape my baby out at the hospital because if I chose to go home and pass the baby I would have to scoop it out of the toilet in a jar, he said this in graphic detail of what I would see and what I would have to do. I was so scared to have to put my baby i na jar I chose the d&c and was sent home after. The next day I hemorrhaged. I know her pain. I know the "what did I do wrong", "had I known, and "what if she was not dead when they removed her". I had a friend who gave birth to her daughter a month before I was supposed to be due with mine. it was so hard. It was hard being asked how my baby was doing by people who did not know we lost her. Since I lost her I have had 5 losses and am going through infertility. It is a hard thing to deal with. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. She is right talking to others who have gone through this is very helpful. I wasn't able to start to cope with it until I joined a pregnancy and baby loss group on facebook.

Amy’s Creation

Omg Tom is becoming more and more handsome every year

T. L. Cutuli

0:08 i did that to my mom once:-: guess im superstitios.


wow is doge!

make you fear as you see how many lives I took

Moshi Moshi

Why does Dumbledore have the scar on his forehead at 1:30??? Conspiracy theory


Olivia Pelot

Poor panda

Maria Lorentzen

We love you!


y dont u try do one top 10 video with u talking and see how every one likes it

Fatema Anwar

There are twin bros

Messi the best

which was yaur first ever video


He isn't, there actually is, look at the blue board at exactly 1:00

Cooper Arnold

i thought the easter egg with the dinosaur in the car could also be a reference to godzilla since its in shanghai DUNOO


That whale the squid is attacking happens to be a white sperm whale. I remember when I was done searching one underwater wreck and heading back to the diving bell, I saw a white whale just swimming there in the distance. I bet it is the same whale!

I didn't know what to write We are gluttons for social media in this day and age , the fact that 22 million people view this, is a perfect example.


Duke Nukem 3D sucks dicks

Zheng Xie

All this Gatorade... lost...Forever...