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I keep thinking that I have a past (it’s hard to explain) and in my past as I think so, I think I was in some kind of gang or I was a spy or something and I was in hell and me and my dog flew on a cloud !? There’s way more but like I recently got a writing disability I don’t remember what it’s called but like whenever I try to write down something in my head it just comes out stupid like it is now.


Awesome hahah nice game

Mary & Me

sorry America, but I like Kim better

Anthony Marzullo



The irony of you producing ASMR Easter Egg videos when your Easter Egg videos are ASMR. Fantastic as always.



great work as always!

Cenker Bakır

your videos are the best man

Zakaria Islam Islam

Next 2vs2 football match......1 will eliminate in first round by toss.

CHUỘT Cross art

2:19 BTS...

solo survival


kevin valles

you should make a theory about adenventure time

Music Vortex

Please change the weapon system

Scientist Suhayb


wonine da poh boor


#Killer Wolf

I'm adopted and me and my step parents can't remember my parents.

I didn't know what to write It should be something like I have Bad OCD or I Sleepwalk to a Unknown Location or idk hwjejrhwelwje


LOOK GUYS, ANOTHER GAME THAT MY PC WON'T BE ABLE TO RUN ON LOW!!! Time to pre-order and never play it. :DD

Tanner Risavi

that's some serious acne

YET u still ur mom card for some cartoonist game