Forex Broker Killer Reality Show Episode 05

Apparently Coach is a player as stipulated by his business partner who knows him very well, are these rumors true or not?

Артур Газалов

Another miserable attempt to justify meat consumption. The baby-style graphics and some doctored facts create an impression that eating meat is fine. It is not. Remember! Eating meat is UNHEALTHY, UNETHICAL, and SPONSORS POLLUTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT.

Lol she said we are not friends anymore but we say hi:)))))

Celso Villeda

Shes 17 and her dad says youre to young


I am not diagnosed so I’m not going to say I have OCD but like I have to get up so many to make sure I won’t need it when I go to sleep I go like five times then make sure all the doors are closed and again and I think of The worst scenario in everything

Lavar Ball

he dont need no more sneakers. i know that nigga got some BBBs

You never know.

You're not perfect, you're just a dude...

Nightcore Dreamer

Why did you even did that for ? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Justin Santiago

Thumbs up if you came to see this after watching SportsCenter.

Lmao nah, if SAS or MK can make use of you peacefully, you stay

Darren Deuro

I am the singer😂

Mike Garcia

Pixar are really cheeky with their easter eggs.


3:10 you can see him in the background lol

Despersion Piston

is the game availabe on xbox 360?


2:24 muselk is in a different spot epic games put it somewhere else

Tristan Stone Williams

@TheKyle0812 It was a strike anywhere match. If you slide on a rough surface, it should light.

Ahl ezekiel Saquilayan

How do you get all strike i like it!

*in the video*ur dad didnt go to school

Trevis Vohoang

Coby can’t be used

Shannon Rudicil

this is a great video

Alex VanDover

Honestly, I have never seen such consistent quality from a channel like I see with you Guru. You are inspiration to me and video editing hobby as well, thank you for this channel!

Lil Shaq

How about they don't use trampolines

Martin Tillemann

Come on! Being gay is nothing bad, it is just a different lifestyle.





minute videos... 8 minutes long

The duck lord

Please tell me we get to play as zalda

Nathan Sparkplug

is he wearing a gun? lol

I can only change my name every 90 days

Artist: okkkkk people how much orange do you want in this videooooooo

Luis Segovia

sus videos son geniales