Forex Broker Killer Talking something important in his Forex Journey

who are supposed to rest the case and Who trades responsible

Jkhari Jackson

In endless ducker my high score is 34


You weeb


Nick's Mix

1:47 can you make me......... vomit (with cc)

Gamer Crystal

Its ok when my classmates said that word to me too your never gonna succeed and when I'm in the science class my teacher said try and try until you succeed then I try that then I got cum laude in high school then I got a scholarship to Canada then I study college In Canada and im here now I'm a Scientist and I'm happy for what I achieved

Nathanael Black

I CALL "FAKE"!!!The velocity of that ball going downFrom that hight is soooo powerful...that those guys holding the goal wouldhave been crushed under the speed of the ball!!🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

Jaden Peltier

If you read this you should do a dying light easter egg video because there are soooooo many easter eggs in that game. But its up to you but it's just an idea

But being the shy me I only told him that I was only a perfectionist


I was so confused on what you meant by "unused easter eggs" I thought you accessed some secret files that had easter eggs in them or something.. 

Masum Ansari

Plzzzz make one more pubg video

Vassiliki Petrou

Pizza boxes are square, pizzas are circles and the slices are triangles

Arian Starkes

Dear youre pricelss is what I would love for my parents to say to me every once and a while

She’s a nurse


The "portal code" in this is actually an Easter egg to the classic Atari code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B)


Kee Yong hang


Deano Beano

Am I the only one that ships Emma and Grayson

Bridget Rodriguez

23 bounces

olivia helms

dude another creepy easter egg is on black ops 1 go on veruckt how ever u spell it but goto the oven with no zombies and u will hear a baby crying and a mother crying and if u got the dentist side goto the wheel click x and u will hear a man scream

Mechelle Duett

Has anyone seen the one where they fish for sharks and whoever gets the most sharks by mindight wins?

Happy Pixie

Wow 🤯🤯🤯

Iloki Lp

Crash City cry

Makayla Sejkora

I'm jamming his sonar!

iNeon Fox

Wow. This is so strong. I have just finished school and want to study in university for a job that I love. I always try to convince people like my ex-classmates and friends to go for a job that they would LOVE, not for a job that will make more money, as they say.. but... almost noone listens to me. They are trying to pursue their dream to become really rich, but they don't listen to their hearts, and the true is - they won't be happy even if they have got these money...

CalveeThe Eevee

13:15 - 13:23

peeps de xaur

My favorite was cobyA little bit unlike tyler

Tyson Brule

I like it when the weird alien was dancing and singing "hello my​ baby,hello my hunny"



Grégoire Maillard

2:23 fake

Nicole Brown

Thas cool

Luca Zamfir

This story is exactly the same as another story

Taramathi Jain

Cool 😎

Devil Sined


Andy Spataro

Now way😲😱

Alice Galaxy

i accidentally paused at 00:48


r u actually 6'5?

Aîr Bendêr

It's a good thing cap has on riot gear cause these comments are ruthless. Fr tho, this trailer looks awesome and even the "bad" parts still have potential to be great, I'm very excited for this game!!


Wtf what are those graphics !?

Von Alamag

The sneak attack


Ubisoft.........what can be said


Sam b can use sharp weapons, that's like saying Sam b can't use guns he specializes in blunt weapons doesn't mean he has to use them the only difference there is really is the perk tree.

•• A r i a a 何

1:40 me hearing my mom walking to my room after telling me to wake up 20 minutes ago

Jay C

You know what’s funny? That lady in the blue button up shirt next to the guy that got kicked out is the same one that was mocking lebron with the cry baby face thing lol bet nobody noticed that

Shelter Sky

hahaha guys in the alivater sorry i cant spel write

Emil B

you nail everything with these videos! the work you put in to this is amazing, the music,cuts everything is flawless! keep up the great work, and thanks for entertaining me:)


Janitors all over approve 👍

100000 subscribers no vid challenge Subscribe plz



Who's watching this in 2017?

Wanda Mccloud

We just made the 10 million point shot are you a winner...Awesome

Shows a picture of a brunette.

craftie queen

omg wowe

Windell Abraham

that was cool

yeet fortnite

Is gone home a scary game because I feel like it's very eerie

juan pa montes

Like 2019


Woah nice

Amani Rupia


Bryanne Peguero

Can’t wait for tomorrow show just to see Skip meltdown lol

Jeffie Jones

Awesome Tyler