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Petros Kyragiannis


Adrien Sanchez

Go Seahawks


Then do Minecraft,Brink,BFBC2,BFBC1 though i dont know what are those last games xD (BFBC2)

Synx_ Fg


The Pride

1:05 the overesti baiter


the way she said "his first relationship" was really questioning halfway through the video

I feel bad for her..

Grace Aitchison

Don't make jokes about this. I do have OCD but not like that in the video. I totally understand how she felt about the nausea, I sometimes feel nauseous too. One day I vomited so much! It didn't feel good at all. Don't worry Ella..I can relate too.. :)


You are cool, guys!

Max and Freddy Productions


Drew Joe

I cant destroy the second door to the brown skull

Armaan Gupta

Dude prefect uses green screens

Yeetus Da fetus 245653

LMAO these players have to be fake bc those people would sweat build to the limit then combat shotgun them in the face.

Reece's Toy Reveiw


Prateek Debadarshi Roul

Helo I have solution...of this without medication

Gary He I dare anyone to say that to an anti vaxxer whos scared of vaccines because of their child turning autistic

Rafael Vazquez

If spider man not there don’t expect me to buy it

Jesus Christ is Lord and Master

Everyone sub to a call for an uprising best channel on YouTube


if you hang around still in bluewater marsh you can eventually find where the woman hung herself

James Siegert

the baltimore shot tower.

Nepz Babe

U can write here the names all these movies?

Phoebe TonQueen

Face book and whatsapp are out

Wyatt Peche

Who’s watching in 2021

Donat Kelen

look at their faces at 11:51


Before I watch the video game part at the’s Elon musk

Iara Martínez Carro

5:48 "Adiós amigo"😂

Anti- PROUD PINOY Warriors

im an acute anxiety disorder survivor

Dragon Gt

Title shot for Cowboy when Tony beats Khabib

Morgan Spilker

I'm a key fan


steph curry

I didn't know what to write


My dad is a achohalic but I don't know what to do I'm only 11

ronnie smarr


animal funtime

doge did silent hill

I didn't know what to write

Rodrigo Vidal

The last its my favourite

Alice Shiro

Stunning ball controlヽ(°〇°)ノ Wish I can do somethin like this soon (=^・ω・^=)

erin blyth

omg all the girls in this comment section thinking bad hygiene is a personality trait 💀 "i'M qUirky, noT liKe moSt girLs"


I think this looks ok, but the character designs are a bit weird to me. Just my opinion. I'm not saying they have to look like the MCU versions, but the design could be improved imo.

Jacc Jorep

Obviously cigarettes.


this is a bruh moment lol

James McMullan

Who are you talking to?

Juan Martines

And then there’s me rubbing the blue thing on my stick acting like I know what I’m doing

They were born for this.

Summer Summer


dad watch this fucking video Here’s a song I found that you might like btw, I played it at a campfire once and absolutely cherish that memory