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Esmee NL!

From low to high


Bruh just buy a pc it can do same plus more

Meme Force one

Ok find YT u win this time

I also sleep too much


If this was true lucky basted


Stop making fake videos!

Tristan Cane

You were born on the highway because thats where all the aksedents happen🤪😂😂

Nydia's Vlogs

Took a while for me to get this.

Bigc Gaming

Just so you know guys, I told him to make this video so ta-da!


Those drawings are so good omg i love it.


Can you do the same with lord of the rings? Or another movie


They should’ve include this in ONE OF THE CREDIT SCENES on FAR FROM HOME. SERIOUSLY. 👏🏼

Morgan Pittman

One thousand people only care about themselves 😭😥😶😫😩

Jeremiah Knoll

5:57"now I have to liive with my wife's parents" Cody Jones

lam bo


Oooowh, poor Guru. Don't worry, I'll give you five stars!

leonard carl calizar

The song is the

Yair Witty

What the actual hell guru?! XD

Yeah that's what I thought,just me

they care about the face because when i wanna know somebody more even if its a boy they say nothing and walk away or they say no :| but once i made myself really good by wearing a cool shirt and going to the barbery and make my hair really cool after that the girls were always following me -_- so when they asked me if i wanna go out with them i said no and told them theyre ugly! but im still offended by the thing that they called me ugly when i didnt did anything for my "beauty" :/

Gamer_ TTV

Yeah worst video sorry

Saint Aaron

that's my home town

Kenneth raya

Sksksks if only this was realistic. Hoe ain't no one at no damn school going to go up your ass about you not being supportive of human beings. I swear homophobes rlly trying to act like they are oppressed when they don't even understand the concept of acceptance or LGBT- hell not even homophobia because they think all it means is "I hate the gays".

Vn NoobGooble

Pleas make "Dude Fails" or "Dude Almost Perfect" And its like behind the screnes and fails

Does that helps someone

Stack Donut

It's so cool you get every time

Maylene dela cruz

Team coby