Forex Divergence and Hidden Divergence Explanation

Jay Khan

they should of just make a For Honor sequel

Laila Al-Mwalad

I told it my parents, and first they supported me. But nothing helped and I cried in front of them every night because I am depressed. But then my mother said that I am selfish and arrogant and that I only want attention (I had an anxiety attack in school etc.) and if I cry one more time in front of them, they will never listen to me and won't care about me. That's why I don't talk with them about my problems anymore. Fun fact: I cry every night till i fall asleep or when I am alone, I am too scared to talk to anyone about my problem and depression. I gave up and told myself:" You gotta live with it now, nobody understands you, nobody wants to help you" And I won't care if I finally kill myself. Living is not my thing.

Then Enjoy.

i had depression and anxiety


The thumbnail looks like Candace


7 mins and 36 secs over a min.

Fajer2213 lari

Where is the join button

Craig Desmond

I had cancer when i was 3 when i was 3 i had my surgery and i was scared that o only had one kidney 😭😭😭

And yeah.. thanks so much for reading have a great day :)

valentina barragan

Anybody watching this in 2018

Day 2: Ya know I’m just casually gunna dump about 1000 gallons of blood onto your ineffective pad and I’m still gunna give you severe cramps



Double Dis

Friggin homophobes


He sucks dick now

Blackvelvet SISTER STAN

Momo, Sana and Chaeyoung can step i me anyday of the week!

The Absolute Shots

Missile Trick Shots with Kim Jong-Un

AndySadmusic Mong channel

Is that pubg



Ji Hun Shin

Why can't we EXECUTE her "mother" and that sick bastard that got the girl drunk and brought her to his house?

Albert Matthews 33 (STUDENT)



Get DDG on your show

ShookTeaAva X

Okay legit my name is Bella..and WTF..GOD? Is this some kinda sign that I needa get my shit together?

Nick Gallagher



Nope, this doesn't disappoint

Vasche Hudson

you guys should do school stereotypes

Daddy R

Carrie Underwood! That would be greatly appreciated!!!

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