Why I Left Goldman Sachs: Greg Smith on Business Ethics & the Financial Services Company (2013)

A March 2012 resignation letter from the former head of Goldman Sachs US equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) was printed as an op-ed in The New York Times. About the book: it, Smith attacked the company's CEO and president for losing the company's culture, which he described as "the secret sauce that made this place great and allowed us to earn our clients' trust for 143 years". Smith said that advising clients "to do what I believe is right for them" was becoming increasingly unpopular. Instead there was a "toxic and destructive" environment in which "the interests of the client continue to be sidelined", senior management described clients as "muppets" and colleagues callously talked about "ripping their clients off". In reply, Goldman Sachs said that "we will only be successful if our clients are successful", claiming "this fundamental truth lies at the heart of how we conduct ourselves" and that "we don't think [Smith's comments] reflect the way we run our business." Later that year, Smith published a book titled Why I left Goldman Sachs.Goldman is being criticized for its involvement in the 2010 European sovereign debt crisis. Goldman Sachs is reported to have systematically helped the Greek government mask the true facts concerning its national debt between the years 1998 and 2009.[91] In September 2009, Goldman Sachs, among others, created a special credit default swap (CDS) index to cover the high risk of Greece's national debt.[92] The interest-rates of Greek national bonds have soared to a very high level, leading the Greek economy very close to bankruptcy in March and May 2010 and again in June 2011.[93] Lucas Papademos, Greece's former prime minister, ran the Central Bank of Greece at the time of the controversial derivates deals with Goldman Sachs that enabled Greece to hide the size of its debt.[94] Petros Christodoulou, General Manager of the Public Debt Management Agency of Greece is a former employee of Goldman Sachs.[94] Mario Monti, Italy's former prime minister and finance minister, who headed the new government that took over after Berlusconi's resignation, is an international adviser to Goldman Sachs.[94] So is Otmar Issing, former board member of the Bundesbank and the Executive Board of the European Bank.[94] Mario Draghi, the new head of the European Central Bank, is the former managing director of Goldman Sachs International.[94] António Borges, Head of the European Department of the International Monetary Fund in 2010-2011 and responsible for most of enterprise privatizations in Portugal since 2011, is the former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.[94] Carlos Moedas, a former Goldman Sachs employee, is the current Secretary of State to the Prime Minister of Portugal and Director of ESAME, the agency created to monitor and control the implementation of the structural reforms agreed by the governent of Portugal and the troika composed of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Peter Sutherland, former Attorney General of Ireland is a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs International. These ties between Goldman Sachs and European leaders are an ongoing source of controversy.[94]The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is an American multinational investment banking firm that engages in global investment banking, securities, investment management, and other financial services primarily with institutional clients.Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869 and is headquartered at 200 West Street in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City, with additional offices in international financial centers. The firm provides mergers and acquisitions advice, underwriting services, asset management, and prime brokerage to its clients, which include corporations, governments and individuals. The firm also engages in market making and private equity deals, and is a primary dealer in the United States Treasury security market. It is recognized as one of the premier investment banks in the world,[3][4] but has sparked a great deal of controversy over its alleged improper practices, especially since the 2007--2012 global financial crisis.Former Goldman executives who moved on to government positions include: Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson who served as United States Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, respectively; Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank; Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada 2008--13 and Governor of the Bank of England from July 2013.

‫شرح بالكامل لطريقة نسخ الاشارات بالفوركس من موقع MQL5 والحصول على افضل نمو للارباح‬‎

dir="rtl"شرح بالكامل لطريقة نسخ الاشارات بالفوركس من موقع MQL5 والحصول على افضل نمو للارباحرابط الوكالة الخاص بى XMكامل لطريقة قرائة الافضل فى الاشاراتالنسخ بكل سهولة لمن يرغب بالاشتراك بالوكالة والحصول على حساب مشاهدة حقيقىشراء جهاز كمبيوتر خارجى لتنصيب 2 منصة..المنصة الخاصة بك + المنصة الخاصة بالحسابطريقة شراء ال جهاز الخارجى بالفيديوشراء ال جهازتنصيب عدة منصات على جهاز واحدالنسخ بين المنصاتقناة التليجرام الخاصة باصدار التوصياتالوكالة الخاص بىالاستثمار الحقيقي هو تحصيل من 10 الي 20% شهريا مع الحفاظ علي راس مالك اذا كنت مقتنع بذلك اتبع تلك القناة وارشاداتها وتابع نتائج الحسابات المعروضة رابط الوكالة الخاص بى XMالتواصل معى خاصعبر التليجرام لمتابعة نتايج وجدوى التوصيات المجانية بالقناة وفق نماذج الهارمونيكلمتابعة نتيجة وجدوى الاستراتيجية الخاصةللوكالة فقطبالوكالة يقدم خدمات كاملة للمشترك(1) الحصول على استضافة على فى بى اس المانى خاص بنا vps(2) التزويد بتوصيات واشارات يومية على العملاتاوتوماتيكيا يتم تطبيقها على حسابك(3) متوسط ربح باذن الله 20% قد يزيد او يقل حسب حالة سيولة السوق(4) العمل على الاستراتيجية طويلة المدى الخاصة بالقناةطريقة تحويل حسابك الى ميكرو او انشاء ميكرو فى اكس امرابط الاشتراك فى شركة XMجديد قم بعمل الحساب ميكرو رافعة 1:500لو عميل سابقا قم باختيار من الشمال فتح حساب اضافى واختاره ميكرو رافعة 1:500 وقم بتحويل رصيدك من اى حساب لك الى رقم الحساب الجديد الذى فتحته ميكرو عبر القايمة فى الشمال تحويل داخلى

Forex Millionaire Trader Secret Best Forex Strategy Forex Signals

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10 Ways JAPAN is 10 Years Ahead of the World

DID YOU KNOW Japan has bullet trains that can travel 320 km/hour? Or superior toilet seats that can heat up your butt, clean it spotless, and check your blood pressure? Or interactive robots that can serve you lunch, analyze your facial expressions and be your customer service agent in phone stores?I just finished my 6th visit to Japan, and every time I leave this country, I have a hard time comprehending what I just experienced.In this video, I take you around Tokyo and show you 10 ways that Japan is 10 years ahead of the world.Anyone else agree with me?Music: Kevin MacLeod► Subscribe for more travel videos: Travel Blog: ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:Facebook: (I post more videos there!)Instagram: @drewbinskyTwitter: ABOUT ME:ME:

Forex Stratejileri: 5 Periyotluk MA ve 14 Periyotluk RSI

Forex stratejileri, bu video da dahil olmak üzere, teknik analize göre daha riskli olmakla beraber, yatırım tavsiyesi içermez.Videoda anlatılan strateji ile işlem açmak isterseniz, takip etmeniz gereken kurallar şunlardır:1) Trend yönü belirlenmeli2) Destek ve dirençlere saygı gösterilmeli3) Zarar-durdur kullanılmalı

Inside Huawei And 5G - BBC Click

We travel to the Huawei campus in Shenzhen, China and find out their plans for 5G.Subscribe HERE Find us online at Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook:

[ADVANCED PRICE ACTION]: Predict Price Reversals with Pitchforks!

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Genesis Forex Scalping Strategy - The Most Proven Scalping Strategy of All Time

Download free: scalping strategy is a very popular and proven 5-minute scalping strategy, which was originally developed by a group of members at the forex factory forum. This has been used by professional forex traders around the world and found to be a highly profitable strategy.Free signals:

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3 Alternatives to Utilising Stop Loss Orders 👍

Alternatives to using stop loss orders.PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE!We all know about stop loss orders and the premise about them.We all know we should be using stop losses and how they help to limit the impact of damage of trades that is going against us.But are there any alternatives to trading with stops?One thing you have which could be a problem with a stop loss is that the probability of a market touching a level is twice that of a market closing at it.So you can end up stopped quite a lot only to see the market going in your direction.As such I always try to find alternatives setups and strategies where I can trade without stops.One way is to strictly control trade size. Another way is that if a trade is going against you, you can re-assess the level.Even another way is to hedge yourself by taking positions in correlated markets.Whatever you do, beware of the total monetary position of your risk value.Related VideosWhat are Trailing Stops and How to Trade with Them? ☝️Strategies: How To Use Trailing Stops 👍to Use Stops and Limit Orders to Exit or Get into Trades 👍Tips on Where To Place Your Stop Loss!Loss Market Orders vs Stop Loss Limit Orders ☂️✋To Set A Stop Loss Based on Price Part 1 🏳️To Set A Stop Loss Based on a Time Limit Part 2 🏳️To Set A Stop Loss Based On Price Volatility Part 3 🏳️Losses: How to Use Trailing Stops Part 4 🏳️Alternatives to Utilising Stop Loss Orders 👍a Hard Stop in your Trading? ☂️✋WAYS TO MANAGE RISK; TRADING RISK MANAGEMENTLoss Trading Strategies: Using Moving Averages As a Stop Loss ☂️to Use the Average True Range to Set Stops ☂️✋an Indicator as Stop Loss - RSI or Moving Average ☂️✋to Find the Optimum Profit Target per Trade 👊Trading: Intraday Stop Strategy using ATR ☂️✋Without a Stop Loss: Why Some Professionals Don't Use Stops ☂️

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Diese DAX-Strategie mit 90%-Erfolgsquote sollten Sie kennen: Webinar Kerzen, Trend & Sentiment

Franz-Georg Wenner stellt in diesem Chart-Webinar "Kerzen, Trend & Sentiment" eine einfache DAX-Strategie mit einer 90-Prozent-Erfolgsquote vor. Außerdem geht es um das aktuelle Euro-Sentiment und die Berichtssaison in den USA sowie im Dax-Bereich.Alle ayondo Webinare: Investment unterliegt Risiken.

Learn How to use Multi Time frame Analysis to gain an Edge

This video teaches the act of trading using more than one chart time frame to analyse the market. The topics covered include:Introduction.Why Use Multiple TimeframesChoosing a TimeframeTrend ChartSignal ChartTiming ChartSetting Stop and Profit TargetsHigh Probability Trade Setup: The SummaryHOW TO SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL:Donate:

How The Pro's Trade Head & Shoulders Chart Pattern Analysis

Stock Market Strategy has put together a video to explain how professional traders use Head & Shoulders for entering high odds trades. Head & Shoulders is explained and pointed out on charts so you can see how it can be used and implemented into a trading plan to become a profitable trader faster. Head & Shoulders is one of the most used chart pattern for entering trades in the stock market. Understand the psychology behind the chart pattern to really start believing in this stock pattern for better implementation. We hope you enjoy the video.Direct link to Head & Shoulders Page:

Forex Price Action Trading by Nial Fuller

All about Trading in Forex Marked

10 Rejected Shark Tank Pitches That Made Millions...

10 Shark Tank Deals They Regret Not Taking.. For that reason… I’m out. Shark tank statement is something no entrepreneur wants to hear on the show Shark Tank. Win the StarShow Giveaway Subscribe!: who has ever watched shark tank knows the saying. Shark Tank is an american reality television series on ABC that is essentially a platform for entrepreneurs to present their new company or business to investors, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’leary. In this video, we won’t be going over a shark tank full episode, but we will be going over the deals that shark tank regret not taking. These opportunities were passed on when they stared at them right in the face. A lot of great deals are made on shark tank, and the show has helped a countless number of entrepreneurs kickstart their business and also brought exposure to their company. Get ready, as we go over some of the best shark tank ideas that have made people become a millionaire; however, these very good opportunities by the sharks were passed on. Some of these inventions include Doorbot, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Chef Big Shake. You are not required to comment to win the giveaway distributed in the video. It is ONLY a recommendation. You must have a twitter under the same username of youtube in order to qualify to get in contact with you. For more information on giveaways refer to youtube’s contest policies:

How To Trade Forex Market? Strategy, Analysis and Psychology - 2

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A Romanian Village Moves to Berlin | People & Politics

Roma from the village of Fântânele, around 35 kilometers from Bucharest, have few opportunities. Most live in poverty and face discrimination. Many of them have now chosen to emigrate. In Berlin's Neukölln district, many people from Fântânele are finding happiness and prosperity.Read more:

Life Of A Trader: Jabulani "Cash Flow" Ngcobo | Top Trader South Africa

Jabulani Ngcobo "Mr Leverage,Forex trader & Author"_____Don't forget to Subscribe with us on social media:Twitter: Trader South Africa is aimed at recognizing the most notable Traders in South Africa and bridging the gap between the larger community and some of SA’s most thriving traders.Songs:AKA - Star Signs ft. Stogie T (

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FOREX TUTORIAL - Forex Trading Strategy - Trading Forex for Beginners

★ TRY STRATEGY HERE ➤ Warning: Our provider includes forex strategy products that are traded on margin and carry a chance of losses in excess of your deposited cash. The goods might not be suited forex trading to all investors forex signals. Remember to make sure you totally have an understanding of the pitfalls included.The data on This web site just isn't directed at citizens of America, Belgium or any unique country outside the house the UK and is not supposed for distribution to, or use forex trading, any person in almost any place or jurisdiction exactly where these distribution or use would be Opposite to regional regulation or regulation forex trading.Trend-next strategies buy markets as soon as they've damaged forex strategy by resistance and market markets once they have fallen via assist stages. Tendencies could be dramatic and extended, far too forex signals.A significant part of the foreign exchange market place comes from forex strategy the economic activities of providers searching for foreign forex trading to pay for merchandise or providers. Business corporations normally trade reasonably little amounts in comparison with forex signals Individuals of financial institutions or speculators, and their trades often have small small-expression impact on market place charges.We can then compute z-scores with the stationary signal and trade around the spread forex trading assuming imply forex strategy reversion: shorter the very best asset and long the bottom asset forex signals.The following are some forex trading models, from small time-frames to lengthy forex strategy, which have been commonly applied during former yrs and even now keep on being forex signals being a well-liked forex trading decision in the listing of ideal Forex trading procedures in 2018.From the context of the international exchange current market, traders liquidate their forex strategy positions in numerous currencies to just take up positions in Risk-free-haven currencies, including the US greenback.[87] In some cases, the choice of a safe haven currency is a lot more of the preference depending on prevailing sentiments instead of certainly one of economic statistics.When assistance breaks down in addition to a marketplace moves to new lows forex strategy, purchasers begin to keep off. It is because consumers are continuously looking at cheaper price forex signals ranges currently being established and need to wait for a bottom to get reached.Measures the for each quantity change in output from mining, quarrying, manufacturing, Strength and construction sectors in Germany . Industrial manufacturing is critical as a temporary indicator with the power of German industrial exercise. Large or climbing Industrial Generation figures propose forex trading elevated creation and financial expansion, nutritious for your Euro.There are lots of various kinds and flavors of FX traders, that they truly are a lot of to debate each one.No matter if you want the intuitive usability of our World wide web-based System and bespoke trading applications, or Superior platforms for forex trading on the next level, you’ll obtain every little thing you would like with IG.An automatic trading strategy wraps trading formulas into automated buy and execution programs. Sophisticated Computer system modeling methods, coupled with electronic usage of world marketplace knowledge and knowledge, permit traders utilizing a trading strategy to possess a unique sector vantage stage.A trade surplus will act as an appreciating bodyweight over the Yen, whereas a trade deficit will spot downward tension on the Yen's value. Specifics during the Trade Equilibrium report itself give handy more info Perception into altering traits regarding Japanese trade. This sort of developments are especially crucial for that region, that's an export-oriented economic system which has historically knowledgeable substantial trade surpluses. Any affect on this might have remarkable have an effect on around the domestic economy.Scalping (trading); Scalping is a technique to making dozens or numerous trades daily, to secure a small cash in on Each individual trade by exploiting the bid/inquire spread.

Top 10 SA's Richest Young Entrepreneurs

Meet Mzansi”s richest youngsters. 10 of the SA’s wealthiest people are under 35 years old. One thing all the below listed entrepreneurs have in common, is that they started small from a very young age. Some say that you have to be born with a mind for this big venture, others say it can be taught. Whatever it may be, the following people go the full hang of it.Please subscribe to our Channel if you enjoyed the video, do follow us on our social Media platforms

How-to Quickly Grow a Trading Account using Pyramiding

How to quickly grow a trading account!Trading Support and Resistancehow to trade Fibonacci Retracements


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Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain

Mantak Chia: "We have a second brain" . Do this to activate the second brain.► If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp. Alarm Tones video was uploaded with the permission of the owner.Special thanks to LONDON REAL for this amazing interviewSubscribe to their channel!usTO MY OTHER CHANNEL FOR WORKOUT MOTIVATIONsource:Speaker : Mantak ChiaFull Interview : ►Footage►Music from AudiojungleHelp us caption & translate this video!

Top 10 Countries With The LARGEST Gold Reserves!

Check out these 10 countries with the largest gold reserves in the world! This top 10 list features some of the richest and wealthiest countries on earth that have tons of gold bars stacked up somewhere! Subscribe For New Videos! our "SURPRISING And Interesting Facts About Money!" video here: our "Most AMAZING Discoveries With A Metal Detector!" video here: our "Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World!" video here: IndiaAccording to the World Gold Council, the Bank of India currently holds 557.7 tons of gold. It is one of the largest stores of gold in the world! This makes up 9.9 % of the country’s total foreign reserve. Foreign exchange reserves is money or other assets held by a nation’s central bank so they can back the national currency.India, home to 1.25 billion people, is the number one largest consumer of the precious metal. Furthermore, India is one of the most reliable drivers of global demand. For example, India’s festival and wedding season, which runs from October to December, has historically been a major market for gold. And probably, one of the most interesting facts about India and gold is that India rarely invests much in gold. This is because as a country, India operates under the belief that buying gold leads to a deficit. And their belief must be proving right as things also seem to be improving for India. For instance, if you look at the last few years, India has increased its gold reserves from 557.74 to 557.77. While this might not seem like a lot, India is also at its highest point in history! In addition to what the country holds, Indian households which are considered the world’s largest hoarders of gold, hold a record 23,000-24,000 tons, which is worth about $800 billion.9.) NetherlandsIn the past few years, the Netherlands has held 52% of its foreign reserve in gold. The Netherlands has a reported 612.45 tons. In 2016 it was reported that the bank was looking for a place to store all its gold because they were going to renovate the vaults and needed to moving it. The Dutch central bank is planning to move the country’s gold reserves from the center of Amsterdam to a new complex called the Cash Center.Like most countries, Dutch gold is also held in banks around the world to reduce risk. Security measures to guard the gold 24/7 have become a problem in Amsterdam. 189,000 kilos of gold will be moved at the beginning of 2022.Maybe this is one reason that over the last decade and a half, the Netherlands was selling off tons of gold in order to reduce its reserve. However, there weren’t that many buyers out there and they sold less than the country wanted. More recently the country has had less ambition to sell gold. Currently, the country holds the same amount of tons, 612.45 that they have over the last few years. However, the country has increased its percentage of foreign reserves to 61.2 %.8.) JapanJapan is another country which had been increasing its gold reserves since the 1960’s. Their official gold holdings were reported at 765.2 tons. About 2.4% of Japan’s gold today is in foreign reserve. Historically, Japan has always held a bit more gold than other countries. This was true until 2011, when they began to sell some of their reserve in order to pump money into the economy after the tsunami and the following Fukushima nuclear disaster. But even with selling, Japan’s central bank has been one of the most aggressive practitioners of quantitative easing. For example, in January of 2016, it lowered interest rates below zero, which has helped fuel demand in gold around the world.7.) SwitzerlandPrior to 1997, Switzerland was steadily building its gold reserves. In 1997, the decision was made to sell some of those reserves to bolster the Swiss currency and diversify the foreign reserves. The percent of foreign reserves in Switzerland is currently 6.7 %. Switzerland actually has the world’s largest reserves of gold per capita and currently has reported 1,040 tons. Over time, many citizens in the country started to feel like the bank was getting rid of too much gold. They then banded together with the “Save the Swiss” movement. However, once everyone was able to vote in 2014, the vote came to a no, and gold continued to be sold. During World War II, Switzerland became the center of the gold trade in Europe, making transactions with both the Allies and Axis powers. Today, much of its gold trading is done with Hong Kong and China. Around last year, the Swiss National Bank made a $5.9 billion profit, reportedly from its gold holdings.Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

Trading Strategy with Support & Resistance: Where to Buy / Sell and Set Stops

Support and resistance trading seems simple enough but therein lies the greatest risk - complacency. That reason many traders make mistakes either with where they buy and sell, where they set their Stop Loss and Take Profit. Fortunately we have David Jones who will guide us in this endeavour for beating the markets.Test and practice your strategies in real market conditions with virtual money. Learn to trade and invest for free. - the free native mobile apps now:Trading 212 for iOS - 212 for Android - | Select the Alarm Bell | Hit the Thumbs Up | Share | CommentAt Trading 212 we provide an execution only service. This video should not be construed as investment advice. Investments can fall and rise. Capital at risk. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Forex Signals EUR/USD - USD/JPY M5 - H1 Live Stream

Forex Signals Live Trading Strategies If you advertise thirty party unapproved websites, telegram channels or whatsapp groups, you will be blocked.Yellow Arrow - Short - SellRed Arrow - Long- Buy7 days 24 hours Major Currencies Signals Free Streaming on aboutEUR/USD USD/JPY M5 and H1 timeline frame chart via forecast buy/sell signals Consider up - Lasted Red arrow appears in 5 min and same in 1hr. Means a strong buy signal! Consider down - Lasted Yellow arrow appears in 5min and same in 1hr. Means a strong sell signal!Channel signals or indicators for educational purposes. It is not an investment recommendation for your forex or other investments.Please don't forgot subscribe to channel for future videos.For more pairs please donate Bitcoin BTC to us!. Channel Walletid 1NQdiHWgK3JFS9BpQ3p7ik7E5XHYyz7o9R

Stop Run Reversal Setup - Day Trading Forex Live

Home Of Forex Market Manipulation: forex like the pro's! Learn to trade forex without getting caught in the Stop Run Reversal trap. This forex trading strategy will allow you to see the manipulation of the banks and thus profit from it!-Sterling

Sam Seiden: Supply and Demand Trading with Mechanical Indicators and Oscillators in the Forex Ma...

Date of issue: 28 November 2007. Speaker: Sam Seiden. The best way to take emotion out of trading is to have a mechanical entry and exit with indicators. Using indicators alone however will certainly lead to losses. Combining a supply and demand filter in the Forex markets with a set of mechanical indicators is the key to proper system trading. Join Sam Seiden as he teaches traders how to accomplish this task.Learn to Trade Now

Top 3 Best Life Hacks for Smartphone - Amazing Smartphone Life Hacks

Hi everyone in this video you will see top 3 best life hacks for smartphone.Amazing smartphone life hacks.Music - JPB - High [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.Link - - JBP➞ SoundCloud Facebook Twitter Instagram - Lensko - Cetus [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.Link - - Lensko➞ SoundCloud Facebook Twitter YouTube for watching.

LIVE: Penny Stocks Small Cap Scanner (Trade-Ideas)

Disclaimer:"We are not financial advisors, anything commented on should not be interpreted as investment advice. The content on this channel should be used as educational purposes only."►Trade Ideas: our public Discord Server:

BEST 2-3 Minute Strategy for BINARY OPTIONS and FOREX CFDs

▼Join My Academy&Copy My Trades▼✅💰Income-Mentor-Box Academy (Signup)➥ Mentor Box read FULL Review➥ you want to finally leave your 9-5 full time job?Making money from the comfort of your own home is easier than ever with out Day Trading Academy.From very start our main goal is to teach you how to become a “successful day trader from home”. As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime". This is the exactly the principle that we are going for here, education for long term success. ✅► Join Our Trading Community on Facebook!!! Receive trading signals for free 24h/5 days a week. And learn how to become successful independent full-time trader (Learn everything you need to know about forex,stocks,indices trading & strategies) BEST REGULATED and MOST RELIABLE BROKERS▼▼BEST REGULATED and MOST RELIABLE BROKERS▼✔ 24options (Fully CySEC Regulated): (Fully CySEC Regulated): Brokers: I do not ask you for any information. I always encourage members to only trade what you understand, never trade based on other peoples opinions. My videos are for entertainment purposes only.I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Always do your own research. If you have any questions please contact me and I will try to help you:

Discover 3 simple steps to trading success (evergreen)

ONLINE WORKSHOP"Discover The Exact Steps And Software We Use ToTrade Just Like The Billion Dollar Traders & Banks"Are you still interested in trading Forex but worried about losing money? I made this 10 minute video to show you exactly how to change this quickly and easily. Just click this link to watch it right away:Our New Live class workshop's 100% to get it start trading? I have produced the ultimate trading program to help you get the results you always wanted, and faster than you thought possible.It’s time to enjoy trading right now, without stress, fear or anger.Check it out here: for a trading Mentor?... we dig right into 3 steps to trading success , I want to guide you for a second. This won't hurt and will take only a few sentences.The Spartan FX Academy 3 step formula is not just a trading system but more a guide you want to follow in order to create and keep the right mindset as a trader. Remember; you want to be successful for longer than a day I guess!Especially when you are a new trader, you want to go from losing money to not losing money first. Then you need to improve. Learn from your mistakes and start making money.You also want to keep the money you are making and grow your trading account over time. So, trading mastery is a process that needs like everything that counts in live a bit time!There a two ways to do this...1. You just jump into it, open trading accounts lose a lot of money and try again and again for years until you understand the real values in trading or...2. You follow the 3 simple steps to trading success , save a lot of money, time and stress, enjoy the markets and build up your personal trading business with a clear mind.I would personally suggest you go with the second option here. Point one was my choice took when I started and I can't recommend it at all. Not only because I lost a lot of money, but because it made me feeling sick every single day in past.But let's not talk about me here. The reason I created this small but very powerful 3 steps to trading success blue print was to help YOU saving a lot of time and money in your trading future.Make sure you read this manual many times and apply all 3 steps before you even thing about opening any trading positions.As I mentioned already in some of the intro videos; I use this formula for many years with success and many of my students also.Here are the3 steps to trading success!Step 1:Understand the markets by reading charts a 100% correctly. Then identify a trend or a market range on high time frames and look for trading setups according to the trading system and your trading plan only.Step 2:If a signal is triggered you don't hesitate. You trade by splitting your position into multiple parts, and never expose your account to more than 1 or 2 % risk. Your goal is to stay in a trade as long as possible, especially when you ride a trend. If the price goes your way you look always for bigger targets and trail your stop according to the system rules.Step 3:The markets never move in one direction without taking a breather (pullback, retracement). You take advantage of these pullbacks on lower time frames by locking in profits (hedging). You will make incremental profits on the pullbacks and leave the main trend positions running according to the trade management rules. Now repeat these 3 steps to trading success again and again!You can apply this formula in all major financial markets. So I am talking about Forex, Stocks, Options, Metals etc. In order to get it right and make it easy for you I like to watch the video here.As they saying goes..."a picture is worth more than a thousand words"Have funNikos MermigasLooking for a trading Mentor...

How to Withdraw Forex Trading Profits, FAST!! - BITCOIN

In this video, Kenya will guide you step by step on how to withdraw funds from your TradersWay Trading Account using Bitcoin! It's EASY, FAST, and SAFE!Create your Bitcoin E-Wallet with Coinbase here: your TradersWay Demo and Live Account here: questions, please comment on this video and we will answer them!Interested in becoming an IML Customer and making money from your phone? Join here as a Customer: & Kenya Horton Facebook Profile: Profile: @briankenyahortonSubscribe to our YouTube Channel: hortonsinvestments@yahoo.comOur Public Telegram:

How to profit from trading the TREND | US 30 trade review

Here is a simple trade review video showing you how I was able to profit from trading a down trend on the US30 markets that was predicted to breakout from the low levels to begin moving in a buillish direction.Link to the article I mention you must read: about getting started with trading in the financial markets request study information Please email any info regarding suspected scammers to scamline@msequitiestrading.com1 million US DOLLAR trader search. Apply today. the ZAR 500,000 allocation made to MS E WEALTH: to read (ABOUT US)to our verified trading portfoliosMS E PRIME: E ALFA: E NOVA: The capital amounts shown are a representation of a single micro fund portfolio. It does not represent the total AUCT (Assets under Copy Trade)Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Links to brokers with exemplary track records. (NO, we do not take ANY income from recommending these brokers. We do not take any liability)Student broker (Not available to students inside USA)South Africa: broker to US students only


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