Forex for beginners,u cant beat this!!!

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Jenna Schwinn

That's so sweet

PewDiePie: nothing personal, kid


That girl is so brave

ok this is a fake video

Kristina Bauziene

Lil Tjay: but wasnt this our song? :(




my only take away from this video: cats.

Bronson Wally

Not another fake cooking show !!

That literally means she’s not healthy

blabla TV

7:32 Hahaha

Ignacio Chavez

LiL skies juice world Ian Dior dr lyrcial lemonade

Rajit Shetty

Who is the panda???

Nico Di Fictional

Please do yourelves a favour and get a new doctor if you are not being trusted by your current one. There's so many horror stories like these one, and women in particular have a history of doctors mistrusting what they say. I know several people who've died due to doctors not being vigilant and not trusting their word. (An example: my grandmother tried to tell her doctor she felt something was wrong with her heart. He didn't believe her and he didn't check. She died of heart failure). Your health is the most important thing and you know yourself best, if you're sure something is wrong and your doctor refuses to do tests, try to get a new one as far as that is possible!


I wonder if the music is backwards, sounds like it is

May Hart

I hate the so called father

Caleb Kotz


ice janejira

Most stereotypes my favorite is the rage monster looooooooooooooooooool

Jake Toporek


Harry Tarling

Really you

antonne walker

Sad how women love bad boys then they get abused then blame and judge the good man and don't trust him

Furkan Demirtas

Brooo no problem you are the best youtuber

A random YouTube channel Loll

I’m an introvert I REALLY love being on my own reading gaming and some more gaming watching YouTube singing songs

Chips Dubbo


Olivia Rowhm

Why don’t you just adopt

uwu totheblackeu

I ignored my mom for minutes and now she's shouting and rapping.

Igod708g_0 G

You made me happy

I love ❤️ this channel

Brandon Mogenson

Nyan Dodo

I bet a 10,000 $ their going 2 be L A rams 2017


You didn't even show the aftermath… you showed nothing.

Jack Mckeown

On a mission i was in a bus and I saw niko but he weren't getting in.NO JOKE

isaac barajas


pj bundy

this video is awesome

Jett Karst

Boo cowboys go eagles