Forex Market Basics: How To Analyze Forex Market Conditions!

Let me mentor you in forex trading right now and risk free at: Market Basics: How To Analyze Basic Forex Market Conditions!When analysing forex market currency pairs, you'll find that they will basically be in one of 3 types of markets - a range, a trend or a breakout. Now there are variations within each of these market types but the overall theme remains the same.One of the secrets to forex trading success is the ability to correctly read and identify which type of market a currency pair is in.In range bound markets you'll be considering relevant support and resistance levels, while in break outs you'll be looking for follow-through and with trending markets you'll be looking for progressive peaks and troughs along established trend lines.Once you've established the type of market, as well as potential entry and exit points, the next thing to consider is event risk due to pending economic data releases.What makes the trading the currency market so exciting and challenging at the same time is that it requires a multi-dimensional understanding and analysis - fundamentals, technicals, sentiment and news events.In this forex market basics tutorial video I will cover my trading approach to analysing the 3 types of markets on the major currency pairs.See all my other forex trading videos here: real, actionable forex strategies and in-depth analysis that will have you trading currencies like a pro! - Never miss another forex strategy video!Plus: 'Paid to Trade' Forex & Earn Cash Every Month Regardless If You Win or Lose!Go to: NewsEconomic CalendarForex BooksInterest Rates

Mr Mystery

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