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Atharv Modi

0:13 we can still have children

Paw owo

Bruh ... saying sorry does not really help! You could have helped her or try too make her happy after the bullying but NO JUST SORRY IS FINE AND SAYING HI TOO HUH? ALSO WHEN SHE CUTS HER FREAKING WRISTS HOW IS THAT ATTENTION SEEKING?! Why just why! If u were in a room with me i would smack ur face and push you of the stairs -.- but like really if you bully someone then stop before its too late and try too help the person jeez...

Camille Mbanwi

dollar sign comes before the numbers

Me dancing: "Are you possessed?"

D.J. Schreffler

"I'm NicePeter and you're EpicLloyd!"

Rob Barth

You guys need to get Tania Tare on for some gold trick shots!

truth syrup

Glorifying drug stupors and existentialist nightmares for young people. Nothing's going to change if we are not paying attention. This is junk and its sad to see it.

why is North Korea

Lurking Gamer1213

Second to last one


hello neighbor in real life

Antonio Gutierrez

Mientra millones de niños pasan hambre, estos tiran la comida para jugar

p p

하... 이런 거 너무 좋아 첫장면부터 내가 젤 좋아하는 장면


Your only a teen. You couldn't have stopped her smoking.

Joeraf Caballero

Hi james can you kiss Jaden


You guys should make another bro mo video.

Ethan: Don’t cheat

oof oof

Why is bullying bleeped out?

it was a little stupid to go to the lightning strike place

Opticen HD

So are all the pixar movies leading up to one big movie where they all meet ?

Ronak Aggarwal

5:33 me studying for finals

Oliver Gittins

I feel like that

maximumover -Mincraft and Roblox

12% hydrogen peroxide instead of water for the first experiment