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Andyyy Wu

why does this kind of depression happen to so many people?

Kirmizi Voiture

just one question, are these movies actually this high in quality?

Evan Slocombe

In red faction Armageddon the thin that was the Easter egg is also in saints row the third

slimo '

Wooow so freakin talented 🌐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Daniel The Beast

That guy looks like Garath Bale

Jack rahde

koby is ripped af

Siddhartha Chowdhury

Campers always wins

Supreme Kids

What if they should make a Halloween Stereotype?Like if they should

divya M V

Super video sir

i yeeted ur mom

that panther was HOT

Kary The Koolest

Best video on relationships I've seen tool date.


I used to be a panda like you, until I got shot in the knee

MC_Daniel HG

Hey dude great videos keep it up! I wanted to write this comment regarding a Easter egg I found watching the movie "Annabel". During the end you could see the actual Annabel doll (which is a raggedy Ann doll) on a shelf rack. Hope you put this Easter egg in one of your videos. Thanks for making these great videos!

James Mahan

was that song in the first video

Lil Tomato

Do school stereotypes

Face Destroyer Inc.

I'm in the minority but I wasn't thrilled with the original. Too much busy work and I hated the weapon system. If they add more than 4 dungeons and weapons that don't break after 3 swings then I may look into it. Lol

Fernaldo Javier

Treyarch make 3 hidden teddy bears easter egg on every map

The arm-a-dilo

I would adopt he dog


They aren't Easter Eggs, i thought they were but they're not.

violet blue

Jennifer hit her not the girl


As I was browsing through the great YouTube And Somehow you that “it” popped up... there’s only two genders in the world you and everybody else like you should be put down on their knees and hit with a sledgehammer right between the eyes I hope you get cancer and you die right away......So you make the world a greater please

ChubbyCatJr 13

6 balls and two hands lol😂😂😂

Carl& Wolf

Van you Guys please do a video on how is the best at driving a boat


your videos would be 100x better if you talkt it makes it much more interesting


Guillermo is just 2 finals away form his 4th threesome, that guy is a true G.O.A.T., better then Shaq, better than Steph, better than Kobe, better than LBJ, he's even better than that guy called Michael Jordan.


Lovely Glitter

I love Jen so much. She's hilarious

Darius Mihaljevic

Power rangers


Haha nice video dude!

Moved to :


Parvathi's Kitchen


Iskra Zekovic

Her: Jared is a sweet redhead boy


hahaha awesome!! xD


Your giving me nostaglia mate with that zelda music

Caramel Chocolate

Who dates their ex again????

Rei Typei

I leik potatoes

Garga Dutta

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When BTS give birth to their fandom which is us "ARMY". 💜