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1 like is one prayer

Black Pink

So cute! (The doggy)


정국이 참 귀엽고 이쁘다

Alisha Jonas

It reminds me of the Indian movie taare zameen par

Karim Benzema

this is BEAUTIFUL !

Landon Carbaugh


Ryan B

How are there two dislikes already?

Kylie E

This story is sad I’m so sorry 😭


Well this was a weird one :/

Duarte Dias

Where is prince of persia and the sands of time easter egg?


That beggining sounds like when you use too much (pre-acted) voices in the chat on a game.

Christian Paolini

Lets go purple hosier


Any Crash Bandicoot Refrincess??


Damn i knew your videos are awesome but now after seeing this they are even better,Thank you and keep the good work!

Azka '02

I feel ya,that part where the guy went into my tower at night made me shiver and i totally nope'ed it out Come up with new shit, nigga! This is pathetic.


I hate her sooooooo much

Otto Ahlö

The ringer

God Banana

Thats in memphis where i live


She's an Android, human women actually age.

Nate Pizarro