Forex Scalping-EdNineBall's 2 Pip Renko Scalper

The Great One himself, EdNineBall, sent me this system right before Christmas, and with his permission I'm sharing it with you.If you've already picked up your own Renko Charting Package from my website, then you have everything you need to make this method work for you (and you'll find the Template for his method on the 3rd download page).If you don't have your own copy of the Renko Charting Package, click the link at the beginning of this section and grab one for yourself for ony $49.

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sydney ritter

I almost cried when I found out the the foster father did to her....I can relate 😭 well not me exactly but my mother was at the age of 9-18 by her own REAL father..and to this day we don’t know if he is in jail and everyday I hope he is in jail

Max Metodiev

The graphics aren't as good as before


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And that is why you have to sand your launch poles, after every use

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I thought this was going to be a video about a youtuber called sugar baby so I was so confused when she talked about livers and brains XD

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Mason Hamilton



It's funny how this was more than 4 years ago

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Man, that Mullholland Dr. scene, I remember watching it. That camera move around the corner is actually very short, but watching it, it felt like ages. You think about whether there will actually be anything behind that dumpster, you go back and forth, and just when you give up and figure it was just a silly dream and there's nothing there - boom. He doesn't look that scary by himself, it's just a man with a very dirty face, but that slow move towards him and the way he's revealed, it just never fails to give me the creeps, I feel uneasy watching it even now, many years later.

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