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Rick Sanchez

The pea will kill you in your dreams

The Beast


Philip R

Why didn't y'all interview or show the interview of lebron. Come on man.




I’m an extrovert! Meet me irl, and you’d be annoyed by my bright personality!

Carlos Fernández Hoyos

Great video!

Hazel & Nora Prentice

I don’t understand though shes saying shes the only one not thinking shes successful but she knows she is she is just doesnt think shes as successful as others . Damn minute videos are confusing man!

Chief Peato

Back to when dude perfect was literally perfect

Requiem for a dream

The dog in GTA is a reference to Greyfriars Bobby. A dog in Edinburgh who’s owner died back in the 1800’s and the dog still came to visit his grave daily until he too passed away. We have a statue of the dog here in Edinburgh. Loyal pupper


If this was soccer, that push would have been lethal.

Gaming brothers !

this is more basket ball edition then baseball and this vid was boring


The new smokescreen


Please, no.

It just made me mad when her mom says "school isn't for girls, HERE CUT THESE VEGETABLES YOUR BROTHERS WILL GO "

Juan Mora

Este es el bad bunny que parecía perdido 🙌💯 el buenas canciones 💪

XxAgent D3kuXx

komplete editon or ragular


Michael Brocaglia

I got 81 of em. 😅


I appreciate a lot the message but...

Thomas Schreiber

My favorite was that last shot

Johan Rathwell



Yeah, that's kind of the point.

Justin Aragon

Did anyone else think "Grunt Happy Birthday" on the first one?

Shantul Khan

I want to be the part ofdude perfect

wesley46max joseph

You no edit

Takdir Khan Efan

Wow Tyler and cory


Anthony Pa dildo


I bought your toy and it doesn't work 😢can you do a video on how to use it

CFB Informer

this video was posted on my 13th birthday


Best Easter Eggs Series - Dying Light // Ep.78

قاری عبداللہ

You forgot the guy who sits in the back row recording the entire movie

Barbara Speck

You worked at Simply Crepes?!? Oh my gosh, went there a couple of times in college. Love Pittsford!


Sad that they didnt put in any references to Crash Bandicoot :P