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Jane Kalang

4:16 jacksepticeye found this

Thr Duo Vlog

He looks like Eminem and sound like eminem too 🔥

Nora Rothermel

This is why people shouldn’t come in illegally. I don’t want to offend you people but they need to come in legally not illegally, because we don’t know who they are or where they came from or if they brought anything bad! We don’t know!


Javonte Reed

So you like dickes


I'm from indonesia


ʟᴀᴢʏ ᴅᴀɪʟʏ•ᴄᴀᴛ

Y'know imma just be single :)

Emran Fezal

Do it for the hologram


SOOOOOOO.... does this mean we'll get a story from where her powers came from?? Is that it?

Ged Fewster

You should've put the songbird Easter egg in.



I've made a video on every season of Black Mirror, and I have no plans to stop just yet. This show is crammed full of references, so I wanted to focus on just some favourites of mine. I'm also busy working on a very important video and needed something to put out in the meantime. I hope you guys enjoyed this video though, and thanks for watching!

I don't know why I said yay.

Rumaisa Shahid

this is so fake


I's amazing how they accomplished that in every movie of theirs, except for The Incredibles



I really love BF4!!!


Panda 🐼


nah, dudeperfect was edited as well. If you look when the guy in red says "that's what I'm talking about" there is a guy in a black shirt and a guy on a bike by the building in the back but they are not there on the instant replay.

Jose Soriano

i wouldve laffed if you let go of the "golf stick" and hit someone

Oh Mushrooms

I’m never the sunlight shocker, I always watch movies at night.

You hit read more.

Smokey Rabbits

Moral Of Story Is Don’t Get A Bikini

João Pedro Ribeiro


Myriam Issa

10 mil💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


Filip Stasiuk

What is name song on half life ?

Not even Me

Best editing ever guru

Martin Bjørnestad

Ty is the best

just beautiful.

Margaret Nulman

does anyone know the name of the song they play when ned takes off his jacket? its pretty sweet

jared mikuls

use a power drill with no shoes on, your smart

Rolls Reus

The pennywise Easter egg also has a phone hidden in it, and the reason it’s there is because I C A L L E D I T

lewis clark


Just a Boi

I feel bad for the dad too, the last time they communicated with eachother was an argument. You making it worse for them being a total brat

Ashley Amezcua

Low key this video almost made me cry.....

The Beast

This is not old office

Liv Kinsella

I`m pretty simple, i see Emma i click

feelings are illusions that are fleeting.

A Normal Username

You can always adopt


Why are white people so sensitive? They have the MOST problems! No rasicts tho, just an opinion.


11 p.m. Must know Easter eggs... even if there scary

(yall know who im talking about)


I think he'd jump out of the helicopter if he hit the 600ft shot

Scribble Pie

Who the hell gives birth so quickly?

Colin N

Cmon we wanna see the panda!!

Kaushik Ghosh

The Loud Eater