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What is the first Easter egg?

Computer setup?

Daniel Stickel

@random12458 cool dude

Bambang Priyono

Panda Tyler

The Ultra Nova

2 trillion point shot: same thing but over the entire span of the plane, (from one wing to another.)

Simply ._. Me

Her: I like anime

king zaki

Happy Ramadan for Muslim's


Them: yes


4:22 The Melon is abandoned by it's owner. (The one who buy it or found it before)


Hey, we started our youtube channel about 2 weeks ago and it would be great if you could check it out or even subscribe! We have action, comedy, and horror… Hope you enjoy! :D

Fun Video Fan Number 1


Angus Böhme

Deutschlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand woooon. besides, its my home country


The Lo Wang rap you can make the shadow warrior arcade machines play deserves  an honorable mention as well

Steven Ramírez

Great really great, algunos ya los sabía pero otros no, thanks guru

Adam Sandler: bursts through door

Sanjay's game play

Please guys

The Mr. Fox

Why did you change you name into Fun with Guru


this would be the greatest kill cam ever :D


the first RDR2 video makes me think hard and also scares me somehow, giving me goosebump

noshin Un noor

Why she so awkward with her bodyguard 🙄

Cory in the house is the goat anime.

skybattler 262

Meanwhile:Sora: Oh ****, here we go again...


great spelling "Ristorante" is totally a word NO ITS NOT ITS SPELLED RESTAURANT!!! no no no jk i have bad spelling to but u really shound work on it srry if i insulted u ^_^


your not Autistic you're realistic ;)


LMFAO @ the Half Life 3 one

Houzuki 98

You guys are saying that it was just a pencil but the message is the important thing

The First Solution To Over Population

look mummy theirs bir-BOOM

Switch XP


Legendary Markikid 202

31:30 i didnt plan to sleep any ways

Wakanda Forever


I’m not anti gay or anything though

But the text is good too...

sun f l o w e r

My sister was born on the same day/year

Mary Rust

Loved it. Guys were great

Thomas Jeff

3:06 😝😋😙😙😝

Chris Bristol

What a vagina. I would literally sign disclaimers and take a nail from a nail gun through the foot for 50 grand.

Amanda Gasper

Ty is better than jonny

The snoozer