Forex strategy on mobile.. 80% accurate

Forex strategy using two moving averages, this is 80% accurate

Karsen Kennon

5:25 it literally looks like a pad

A.S.H. Gaming

Anybody else more than one of these(like if so)

Jermaine J

I know it is just a ad video, but could you imagine if they have combo moves when playing Co-op. It would be just NASTY.

Alex Kun

1 like= equals 10,000,000 beat up for the p.e teacher

Rayhan Hussain

Btw love your vids jaunpa

N2M2 Z

Mercedes benz

Tommy Craze


Josh H

I hate jokesters

Giau Nguyen

I like

jez Marso

What about those bullies and the teacher? Do they got punished? 😡😡

Kiira Rani

Omg I'm not kidding this just like my story expet for I went to uk

Rudra Vansh

Hlo D.P i m one of the biggest fan of yours ........ I m from india can u plzzzzz come in india plzzzzzzzz.... I want to meet u all.😙😙

Fred Etienne



i don't like ann.

Sumweerd guy

I’ve never played any borderlands games but holy crap does this look amazing


So... is this a part of Rainbow 6 siege?

Cecil Arthurton

Thunder feel then thunder lighting and a thunder



Seth Stratton

I live right next to Ricky Stenhouse Sr. and him and Danica come home for holidays

Lolislife 104

Anyone 2019Am I LONELY

Zali 4213

You should do a series where people write in about products they want to buy but not sure if there worth it or actually work so you try them and rate the buy or forget. Just an idea

im on ppr

never seen a person so stoked about losing 50 bucks


I see a Easter Egg, it's Grunt Nerf



I didn't get it , who else

Lunar Lite

Lemme guess... Gemini

the gamers

how in the world are you doing theat dude perfect cuz its amazon!!! i wished i had skills like you guys(:(


to a 17 year old mom who was still 17 in high school.

Dante Roma

Interesting video, man. Do you think Pizza Truck appears in "Inside Out"? I wacthed it but I didn´t pay attention of it lol

Ingerlise Hendrawan

So sad..

Jayasimha Nuggehalli

I was crying while reading this video. Dear Ashlee , you’re a strong girl and I think all of us got to experience the feeling, the way you said.

Gears Of Arkham

9:40 - 10:25 Um .... what?


0:49 i feel bad for cody

Dad:_gets cane_

Keddi king

Is Tyler a basketball player. He is awesome