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I've seen the film. And while I respect that you enjoyed it, I have trouble comprehending how anyone could conceive that trainwreck as entertaining, or even anything close to horror. But, you know, my opinion, not fact.

savage superstar


PLUS Gaming

Ok that makes no sense to me this was the 1918 and now he sounds like he is 21 now also how are you just going to make such good shoes

Jku Sda

Could be one of the creators of Pixar or someone of Disney drove that pizza truck when they were young, now they put it in every movie


Wives won


Ryan McMinnville

Like lebron james

Monkey George123

Garret is definitely a soccer player .


Nice easter egg's im gonna find them all, thanls FunWithGuru :)

Liam Sinnicks

0:01 Black Ops Zombies start up sound

Carolyn Stephens

If they were born on March twenty fourth that is my Birthday too

Chris Jones

When asgb 4

Farid Nurtri Sasongko


Abd Munim

5:16 that man funny combo C:

Bryan Lex

You guys are awesome and I love your videos and you guys are amazing

Ken Lenard Navarro

Still waiting for R6: Quarantine All Operators Mode

Rainbow Daashhh

i dont get it. the toy story part can someone tell me?

I hope this girl is getting better

Elijah Wilcox

dude perfect is awsome

Gabby Daggy

This is my order 1.rudy 2.lele 3.then this one

Jackson Knutson

Coby is my favorite

Bernardo Rodriguez P.

Pleas call of duty black ops 3 zombies Easter eggs

Entonces ya te perdí


everybody thinking they're special fucking snowflakes goddamnit

Jessica Cai

My mum lost her baby yesterday when it was her birthday 😢😭😭😢😭😢😢😭


Hopefully we can play as a whaler. (Daud's Assassins)

Chava and Aaron's channel

Cory tried to plank haha!

Sameed Abbasi

The last one


As soon as Lady Brown played, my love for this channel just grew even more. Also apparently Bungie said there are still some hidden easter eggs in Halo 3 I think ...

Panda Playz

2019 anyone

JuanPlays Roblox