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[GDF] GreenDartFrog

It’s a hollargramme

That ending xD

Karson Bruns

I like tiler


"Big easter eggs aren't as frecuent on this games" There is literally two ways to kill a boss in mgs3 without even starting the fight!

Raptor Games and blogz


I now describe you as GAY

Real .R8a56

That's saitama if he was smart but not strong

Ok ,I'll stop now

Prithvi Anjan

My favourite was the one in which coby won


damn..28 seconds into it and already addin this to my playlist

Kamran Saleem Mughal

Riding on water was best 😍

Sean Sintic

i dont like max payne

Andreea Ander


Mini0nas lul

I still didn't get why are these easter eggs "unused"

YT savager

This is Film theory right??????


Marbles looks like he just smoked 11 blunts lmao


What about the Pink Floyd Easter egg?

I shall attac you

Z O M E R.

So Guru, thoughts about Split? Best movie from Shamaylan since Unbreakable?

Danny Saeteros


Random Clips

Omg can’t they just say meat is good for you?

Sans Undertale

This is Ty perfect


is this the actual guy talking or you just have a guy talkkng and this peoples storys

Christy Maria


Rajesh kumar Gupta

Love dude perfect from India😊😊

Lia Leung

Early for once

The scene after Spider-Man's funeral showed Miles attempting to jump off the roof of a tall building to first begin his rite of passage as Spider-Man. On his second attempt at an even taller building, when he lands and discovers that he broke the Goober the camera zooms out - revealing the pair of broken numbers that read 4 and 2. 42 - the number of the escaped specimen from Alchemax that bit Miles earlier in the film.

Mitchell Hodges

I’ll never like another smosh video since they turned to shit. As soon as they stopped started their videos with “shutupppp” I gave up on smosh

Citlalli R

* Confesses her love to him * Fuck.



Elizabeth Ninan

Oh yeah

Teresa Blanco

And so close to Tump Tower PLS

Box God

im pretty sure the channel's name is minute videos not six minute videos