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Viktor PlayZ

2018 anyone


We're you at the 2014 Liberty bowl Texas A&M vs Wvu

Mortal Assasin

Is this the moment when i officially become an atiny?


Your taste in music is fantastic :)

lashawn scherting

congrats on 30million subs

Then she notices my sister with he shoes and gives her a good job nod and then she saw me and started to yell at me and threw heels at me which weren’t even mine bc when I moved I threw away my good shoes by accident


always present to watch very creative I always like to watch this very amazing video .... healthy always keep spirit good work brother,,,,,DUDE PERFECT

Jean marcos Bello

great vid man your the best easter egg finder


I heard it’s not normal to get cramps after around 20 years old and if you do to go see a doctor , is this true ?

Abdellah Mjalli

2018 any one??

Myca Gepes

It looks like I'm watching a trailer for Jessica & Krystal 2😂 I can clearly see Jessica and Krystal in Elsa and Anna. Both are Human and Disney's Ice Princesses😍


GaRrEtT with hair


mafia 3

Stacie Meier

She also does it at the end ...when they go to Rapture. A Time-Tear. Of course she says she could do this in the game, sometime keeps her from doing it most of game. I shall not reveal this here as it is a spoiler.

Josh Winder

make fishing stereotypes:)

Jacob Aiden

I think it was 17 bounces

Teresita Javier


Dhiman Saab

every shot is good


i know its been a while since you did this but it would be fricken hilarious if you did more stuff with the padded compound bow

Angilo Fulcher


Stefan James



hey fuzzy face


The first Easter egg is a Team Fortress 2 reference

Weird Introvert

Why does she looks like Dakota Johnson?

Supote Nantanai

Was that in Thailand😡😬😠


Head over to my channel to see an MLG Trailer series and the latest one is battlefield 1


That is like saying, "oh, but in the game someone says hello to you, that is an easter egg right?" The "would you kindly" was a reference for another game. A little secret, if you didn't play bioshock you would have ignored. The "his name is Buck, and he likes to fu..." Is just a fun little thing they added to create some humor. It's not some kind of secret you have to think to understand or find. It's just something in the game.

Sanjeev Kumar


Brynn Hambley

I've been in love with the theater since I was five years old, and am now getting my MFA in Theatre--and things like this still make me so emotional because damn, whether it's Broadway, downtown experimental theater, or even high school theater, theater is AMAZING. Support actors, playwrights, directors, technical designers, etc., because this art needs to continue being kept alive like this. We need it now more than ever. xoxo



Roman Hernandez

I didnt know hes over 100 years old (cough)fake(cough)

Kylie Elizabeth

My sister Mary was born 4 months early too. She was supposed to be born February 4th 2019 but was born October 4th 2018. She is fine now, 7 months old and a happy baby.

Cashdash57 Flash

The bow court swisher


That ending tho :D

Emo_ trash

My mom decided to move to England in 2013 unexpectedly

cool couch potato

The next consequence should be shouting your loudest for 10 seconds


Check me out. I'm a 16 year old rapper that taught myself everything I know about music from free styling, writing, producing, and of course rapping. Checkout my newest song Please and thank you.


Baltimore Orioles


I'm proud of you!!


Doing perfect trick shot in video game !btw watching in 2018

Fosres str

Why is bully, or b***y censored


Dustin Broussard

What an interesting name for watchdogs. legion. it only confirms some things about Ubisoft. I wonder who dedsec really repesents here.

Nam Tran

that water density lesson helped me with my science test


I love coby

nothing xx

4:03 ya just touched your hair again better wash your hands

philipandlonghorn gaming

Or birthday stereotypes

Logan Gribben

godzilla appears in the distance in the opening cutscene the first time u play the game

trash emo_

I ship it

Andrew Matanmi


mike long

I'm usually lucky to just get it to the end without going in the gutter