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i play roblox roblox name minicatcat5

Your from Thailand I know

_ Ya_Boi99

5:56 😂😂

Blaze Peterson

Anyone know what the song is?


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I dropped some tears... when I realized that this addiction can strike this bad some people and I k myself as a gaming addict too but not that extreme..

The cutest thing this year.

Mike Garcia

Your voice is awesome. It sounds kinda like Danger Dolan's or CreepsMcPasta.

Field zuk Leed Tv

wow!!!!!!! IS AMGEZING

Jacob patrick Wendorf

if someone said to me you better die i said better to die than being and bully like you


valentin nevarez

is that a motherfucking darksouls reference?!

And a 10km day to become bald

For real tho, love your channel


Black ranger very respectfully receives his sugar glass bottle

Ryleigh Bell cirone

What’s this app called?

3.go forward 

Jing Jing

Oh my fucking god I feel bad for you

Sss V


Ani Suarez

Girl I love this.

Christian Shuler

that would be so awesome sports would be the best

Eduardo Sanchez

soccer next

dariusz golasiński

Awesome a nd Super looooool!


Whos here before 1million views?

Trust me it’s the good kind of alone

Gustavo Stars

2019 Anyone?

Nunya Bisnez

I'm here thinking "Aww sweet a new Vid about jumpscares, shouldnt be too scary and sounds like fun!.." #10 Mama. "oh fuck.."


Oh no.We can't go back to that era pls no