Forex Trading Strategy for Beginners Explained

In this video I have discussed a forex strategy which is beneficial for both the beginner and advanced traders. This strategy is the one which has some pro qualities. These qualities are a lot in number but the most important ones are that it has a good win ratio, out of 10 it will give you 7 to 8 winning trades what else you want.The rules of this forex trading strategy are very simple you just need a fibonacci extention tool, along with Rsi relative strenght index and a 50 moving average line, and that it your tools are enough and it will help you build this strategy.In order to get the said results from this strategy you must be familiar with price action and trend direction. Once you master this strategy alone can give you a lot of profits. Believe me traders this is one of the simplest and easiest Strategy which you can master in just 2 months.

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