Forex trading terminology (In Khmer)

សម្រាប់អ្នកទាំងឡាយដែល​ចង់​ស្វែង​យល់​ពី​ Forex ជាភាសាខ្មែរ​ ខ្ញុំ​ក៏​មាន​ប្លុក​ជា​ភាសាខ្មែរ​ដែល​អាច​ជាជំនួយ​ដល់បងប្អូន​បាន​ខ្លះ​ផងដែរ​។ - សូម​ចុច​នៅ​លើ​តំណរ​នេះ​ដើម្បីចូលទៅក្នុង​ប្លុក​អំពី Forex ជា​ភាសាខ្មែរសូម​អរគុណ​!- ដើម្បី​បង្កើតគណនីសាកល្បង (Demo) ជាមួយ​ក្រុមហុន Blackwell Global សូមចុចទីនេះដើម្បី​បង្កើតគណនីជួញដូរ​ពិតប្រាកដ (Live Account) ជាមួយ​ក្រុមហុន Blackwell Global សូមចុចទីនេះ

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hOmE ToWn aLaBaMa 🥴🦍

Riley Brinkerhoff

You could try adopting!

Nave Naveeenyo

Team Cody name was redwarriors

S4m D0seS0mething

My mum had two embryos but she got sick and the doctors knew that at least one was gonna die. There was a 50% chance of me not being here

manna prince

Wait wait whats going on.

G.E.S.A G.m.u.t



he should get drafted into the nba

Gacha Girl

Has anyone else noticed that one of the twins looks like Stan lee

Anne Marie

I thought that after switching they forgot

David Robertson

How many cousins do you have? You should do a Faze family tree video so we know how everyone is connected and related.

ღSapphire Symphonyღ

WEll, my pixie is so dead

Hannah Mendiola

...please go back to school all of you omfg

Lazy Sunday

I can’t watch this because I’ll cry In an animal lover so yeah..


creepy ass simon pic

Carter Steen

Who even is panda?

Добрый Дед

28 stab wounds!

Anyone help ?

Samuel Kings

Holy shit the ending to the video was funny/awesome. You started all deep and you left my mind fucking blown, then you ended it with: "Or some bullshit like that, idk." Then it started playing funky music haha

Emma Gunter

Was it just me or did ty look Abe Lincoln

Danielle Tripoli

We will love you forever, Diamond! Jeffree, I remember when you only had Diva and Diamond and how much you all went through together and how you grew your family over the years. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is so devastating. They really are family. Sending you all so much love. 💎 💖🌈

سورن امین اجلاسی

My heart just got broken in 1:8 beacuase everything was timed and worked well.especialy the sadnees in his voice

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Do a mnm