Forex Trading Video: What 3% a Month Can Earn You

Innovation is coming - FOREX TRADING VIDEO features Live Day Trading and looks at how small consistent returns can lead to large longer term gains. Also a TECHNICAL ANALYSIS walk through of a CTS trade that I took this week on the USDJPY that went from an "okay" opportunity to a "good" opportunity. Lastly a brief comparison between professional athletes a professional traders and the mindset that the most successful ones share.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3:00 – Live Day Trading8:30 – Traders vs. Athletes Mindset14:50 – A Look at an Equity Curve16:00 – Technical Analysis on the USDCADFacebook: a lot on my radar this morning which is perfect seeing how Monday’s are typically days where I let the markets wake up after the weekend. One pair that I’ve been continuing to watch closely has been the EURUSD which has provided a lot of opportunity over the past month or so.The chart before you shows a potential bullish Gartley pattern completing extremely close to the “X” leg. As I shared with my Syndicate members in this morning’s trading video, this is a really good thing, because it puts us in a situation where we don’t have to risk as much and can potentially receive a greater reward if the trade goes in our direction.I usually don’t take patterns too seriously until the “B” leg is broken so there may be a few bullish opportunities beforehand, but that’s something I won’t be interested in until tomorrow. Good luck in the markets this week traders and as always, if you like this post PLEASE HIT the THUMBS UP button, and if you have any question, comments or would like to share your views on this pair don’t hesitate to type in below.


I love your videos man Saludos desde México!!

Daniel Axon

9:doom the game is all ready creepy

ANITA Digioia

you should do a Mr.p edition

Max Leman

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the end just gave me chills, thank you Stan !

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TryHardQuesadilla Productions

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I never watched this vid all the way to the very end before... him running after cars was hilarious


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Debbie A Gomez

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Renato C.Francisco

My God! Guru Kid is the Best! (hehehe)

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It's 2016 now and I came back to this video. Garret is my favrioute and he looks so much diffrent and young rather than present day.

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I have found like four of those easter eggs, but I never knew what they were! Thanks, now I know! :D