For You (by Kenny Lattimore) - Piano Tutorial

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Curious Undead | GFX and Commentary

no it isn't. It's a Mojang game. Indie Development has nothing to do with that.

Christopher Kline

That 'IT' reference could be it (no pun intended) because I think Mafia III was made somewhere around when they were going to announce the remastered 'IT'. It makes sense because why would they put such an easter egg in at that time.

A big Cartoon and band geek

I love the Howl's moving castle asmr, everytime I look at that scene I get hungry xd

My little brother: (tearing out the guys throat) TRY ME BICH, YOU THINK YOUR PSYCHOPATH OH PLEASE

Luc Remmerie

I want to be friends with Coby,Cody,Cory en tyler

Drew Playz

Can I have a D.P. Shirt

Rachele Ferrario


Myrsini Moon

Well that would be how i felt if someone got me a doggy after me begging for years

dare dare and destroy

to pandas

Kagz Willy

So frickin impossible yet so frickin cool!

Kpimmy10 YT

Richard Bautista

My favorite trick shot is at 1:10

Hamad Saleh


1 22

Who's watching this 2017

Paul Gosling

Coby is in the fanaly but never wins like me bro😔

rose waters

This year he will be 40....


You guys should really do vlogs


Str3am Both Bops Wave and illusion

Shafaq Jangir

Your voice and the manner the tale was told was fascinating...

Neul Ha

boat 3

Michael Brent

There better not be another plot twist villain in this frozen sequel. I had enough with Disney’s plot twists villains I don’t care who they are no one should be a villain in the story🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Azairah Reed



1st seconds of this video is from Borderlands ;)

Saif Qalum

songs so gay right now


That's Twin Snakes, not the original Metal Gear Solid.


make this blue if you’re excited for frozen 2⬇️ ps small youtuber here pls subscribe 🥰

Alex Great

I had a dream...

Ashlyn D S

well, I can understand because I have gone through this but it was my tuition teacher and my cousin brother.

She should be happy she's still alive and not get too upset about her hair ...I know that she was known for her hair and it makes her feel special and so.... But worst things could've happened.. Motherfucking

An Lea

My friend gave birth at 16, too months too early... now she’s very happy with a healthy 2-year old and a caring fiancè.

Potato2840 Ali

I'm happy that you quit cause your health is more important than something that's addicting but not good for your health

Anime Is BAK

ugh, when will my mom ever be there for me


Fantastic. You are awesome, i spent hours watching your videos and i really like how this videos calm me, like the musics, so wonderful, and your voice too! You are my favourite artist.

Savage '9boy Official

Yo bros would you like to try bahubali stunts in real Life

༺ᑕᖇƳ༻ ŽΔƗŇ

Here in 2019

Toaster Dude

4:46 RKO by Ty


Please check out our shots and tell us what you think

Rajdeep Priya

Try cricket

Gob. boo.g


maymac mm

i was not able to ask for forgiveness before my dad died i was stubborn even after i knew he was in a serious condition we had a fight before he passed away when i got to the hospital i knew what had happened as the atmosphere of the room was different i was a bad daughter forgive them ask for forgiveness before its too late

Lucy Castaneda



My parents are Latino, so if you have parents like that, you'd know that even the little things can piss them off. PLEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEE HELP ME

Kyle Tatem

I dont understand how Longhorn Steakhouse wasnt in the original best steak episode? Its rated nation wide the best steak of any steak chain restaurant by pretty much every big food critic....