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opening kings

Can you do another overtime

Miss Maya

geez, I’m actually crying

simply grace

Dude Perfect 😄😄😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Kolton Goins

Can you please do a fortnight challenge again.

Joshua Phillips

Do a water park vid

Akhyar Rifa'i

Is she alpha/omega level mutan? *justkidding 😂


hell yeah

Swati Ghosalkar

dude perfect why have you commented your own video

2EZ Syclone

4:58 6 tile bounce u didn’t hit the back one


Please invite Tiger Woods in next Golf Trick Shots video

Bluedoggo 999

2:47 to 2:51

Excuse me but what the *F u c k*

my wifi is weak :(

Rage Lad

It's been 11 years now and I'm still waiting for The Incredibles 2

Kenny Yung

I'm praying I'll be able to get this palette !! 🙏🙏🙏

Vansh Master

I am watching this video exactly 9 years laterToday's date is 8th may 2018

unlike these fakes


Because giant rats just appeares in every game. it's so normal. -.-

Blue Butterfly

This is so relatable.

Gavin's Friend

All hail FunWithGuru the master of zooming in.

Renan Beltran

I don't get number 8 too.

michael anthony hilario

On 4:00 who is this guy who played Kim Jon statue? I hope he was from Heroes

Sara Krasniqi

no one:not a single soul:my 9yrs old ass self: LeT iT gOoOoOooOo


i wonder if the guys look back at this video after hearing about all the stuff Manziel has done

Smitty Werben Smitty Werben Yager Man Jensen

Is that a forest fire in the background?3:32

Urnosehair 332


Md. Bashir Uddin

During to the whole Story, What happened to her father?Plz let me know.

jayden vlogs

You should get jimmy garoppolo

Perfect perfect

Abdias Martinez

There was i bomb in my house and blew up


When it says "All Purpose Flour" I'm not sure that's what it meant

Milky milk

I knew it was kind Jung un when I saw that first clip 😂



Brody Seymour

blow up teddy bears

mi mi

why does this guy only have grey shirts

UltimateDabzz ROBLOX

so inconvenient that since "Africa" was in the title everyone left the video, :proof- 5M views only published 2011 its 2018 and only 5M all of his other videos have over 20M like look at "Giant Nerf Edition Dude Perfect" has 47M views..:( and thanks for helping children in Africa :)

0 subs with no videos without a video

Every 15k dislike is all the Democratic animal rights activists

💩 Wrong channel !

Germs JB


Ruth Estrada

Half of the time i feel nothing to sad stuff when it explained the man was dead i felt NOTHING WOW IM HEARTLESS

Mom: it’s that dang phone.


bowling stereotypes

snakelife 10

You guys keep inspiring me! I think I can do the same, but in reality when I do basketball, I make none of the shots...


Nope. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. My family laughs at me when I tell them that I sometimes want to die. If I say I have depression? They will laugh at me and say that I’m over dramatic. Fuck that. They think I just want attention. That’s something I never get and that’s ONE of the many reasons why I have depression.


Domi. exe

What about the head crab zombies voice backwards

Tai Theguy

Not to be a broke hater, but these dudes seem like they need a shower 🚿🧼

Anatoly Kalugin

I'm fast

► New Nerf Blasters!

Lydia Quick

I am sitting here after a hard days work making that money 👊🙌 with a glass of wine, relaxing to this video, honey 😊 enjoying this content and feeling blessed to celebrate being gorgeous at 40, girl, YES! 🤩 Thank you, Tati!

Shept TV

3 point shoot

Usuals Hyper

He should’ve just streamed and none of this would have happened


There probably married or engaged

Julie Lee

I am 8 and I rilly love you guys a lot and keep makeing video's

UMR navY

Thats some family strokes right there

jaydasavage 21best

The Michel Jordan one like the logo