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Tomb boy

Comments be like:-Disney saying yes to everything -Hold my beer-mOckInG

Kayla the Pacinator

I downloaded the game, and when I first switched characters, I switched to Coby!Like if you're on team Coby!😊

Shannon Crosby

1:10 the blue things creating the pink fire look like Whispies from Brave1:14 the fire creates flowers in the tree that are the same flowers from TangledAnd 1:30 aren’t those the stones from Brave??

Erica Agonizante



Stand alone spin off DLC.


9:50 Snow Halation!!! with aids

Yoshi Yt :7

my parents call me ugly sometimes

MrHigh. Dog

Haha the name is MinuteVideos but this is 4 minutes!!

Other DP members: 💡

Stoney Jaye

0:25 I yelled BROKEN before he did lmao

Mk _SVT4and4life


Robbie Kregul

Hey guru do you mind doing a all star wars Easter eggs I've been watching since 2014 I believe

Tanner Peden (Student)

Was anyone annoyed that Cody said a ton of nonsense the whole time

So they saw my breast

Undead Raptor

Question of the month

Mauro Molinero

I really need help for my mother. she smokes more 20 cigarrets a day. she needs to stop.


Will i am Wu

my question is how to order a pizza like that

Lavish Zay

Hey guru recently machinima respawn took some footage of your video on their breaking bad easter egg video without givimg you credit .-.

amber flaaffy

Whats next, "i got bullied because i hate black people!!! DDD:"?

Chikin ;-;

Why doesn’t panda have a office

Coco Rivera

Is Brent @mrbrent98???

Elizabeth Lester

Team Coby!!!! Yas!!!!

Bald Eagle

The first one*

Ethen Jackson

Nov 2018?

Jennifer Williams

Living legend

Team 5

Lol watched this 50 times already

Jesse Rodriguez

Top of my play lest


there is now


Why is there 77k dislikes edit: I mean 78k!

Epic Jam

What The?? I Never Knew This Stories Was This Good!!😊

Vito De La Paz


Him : Wait, that’s illegal

I’m virtual Planets

Yet he did ask for it you shouldn’t have sent it?

peggy gregory

You didn’t spin

Ruby Kwok

Teacher: and what did we learn from this episode?

عائشه المازمي


Azizul Ratan



Averybun_ 19

I live in Texas and I 100% think outback is better my family and friends go there for every event

Snowy Pickles

My parents fight all the time, I was in the exact situation as her and all I’d do is cry in my room... I’m scared that what I’m going through is only the first stage...

beautiful nightmare

"That's Wade's mask."