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A.F. Beats

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When ty gets picked for weel unfortunate (which will probably never happen) who will be the amazing Ned Forrester?


Very cool video man :DD


Damn cuz I still cant believe your gone RIP TO NIP THE GREAT THE MOTHER FUCKING MARATHON CONTINUES!!!!!!💙💙💙

Wes Shear

My name is Weslie!

Kagan Yılmaz

I always get excited when I see your videos

Gustavo Borges

"Sam and David" > "Sam and Henry"

Ya boi Justin

Who are the other random kids?

noel homiebro


Nick Gur

People my school still do bottle flips

I want it to stop. I'm sick of it.

Lewis Johnson

14 bounces

Before I die, I'm tryna fuck you, baby (Yeah)

VUT Flame

The story of Twice (my hero academia anyone?)

Richard Trinh

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance?

Thomas Jefferson


Serena Darkcaster

My bf cheated on me and when I found out ,all he said was "You told me you would never leave me" and actually tried to make me feel guilty for trying to leave him.

Nasse Fall

Nothing's cool after ty won like every single battle! !

kentucky baller2003

I think garret gonna get last and Cody gonna win




They're pulling off an Avengers confusing trailer they probably made fake scenes for this trailer lol

Kristian Matic

that room with the deer painting looks like the in the movie poltergiest

Mermeroi ._.


Deepa Anish

Dudess I love you


That girl was the most annoying person ever

Colby Rocks

Major respect for the office cover of country roads

Farvin Siraj

The Twin shot

Grabboy Gaming