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I would have rather heard them announce a remake like final fantasy 7 then a remastered version. That's just me tho.

Kyoshie Wisanggeni

is that english or indo


Cody: Lincon's not even on the pennyDad: WHAT AMERICA DID YOU GROW UP IN?Im dead

Rakesh Jain

I did the world largestbottle flip

Sophia Nowack

I suffer from anxiety and social anxiety, I can’t take it anymore! This video made me cry because it get so close to home. I can’t do anything without thinking everyone is watching and judging me. I don’t know when it started, probably around 2nd grade when this kid who lived three houses down started calling me names saying how I should still be in kindergarten and all of my friends )who are the same age ) should be in high school. He did it when we were all sitting in the back of the bus. Sometimes when I was outside with my friend he would whisper “why are you friends with her?” In a rude tone. That lowered my selfesstem. So I started doing things to fit in and I became shy, only talking when I was spoken to, avoiding being judged. Now I’m in 6th grade and it takes a lot of courage for me to stand up and sharpen my pencil or blow my nose.

Dah Hae


Shiefy Williams06

Buddy howell

the lucky

5:39 pensé que había tirado la tortuga 😂😂😂



Jody Ostrup

what do they use for editing?

Darth Jar jar

There's an Easter egg in one of the loading screens saying if you want to see a rat the size of a car your probably playing the wrong game


sry ;-; R.i.P


Laser goes to slow

TheOriginDuo MegaXD

Sad story... But the artwork is amazing! I wish i could do Art like this...


and he he has a better pass completion rating :D

Proudprincesszoey Gaming

I am ocd. Not about being clean, or organized. Its just is sounds, clothes, and I hate spects. Like a crumb on a tablet. Things like that anoy me. And also, I use lots of sauce for my foods I eat and also, when I have to write something, I have to erase it about 10 times or so. It makes me amazed when people can write so good without erasing. I cant really do that.

Llama Snugglez

Me: sees thumbnail ...Tadashi? At fornite

AvakinTony 001

This is how you keep your skinniness all the calories you burn off you have to eat back and keep working out


Fake if it was 1918 then he would be dead

Shebgsx Sgstdhes

2019 gang?

Glendon Celkupa

i like u guys a lot but thats dumb because the water is filtered

FABulous Philly


Kamal Bery

THIS IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERES SOMETHING CALLED A CAMERA TRICK.  The camera can do that

angelofdeath sa

21:24 "suspense in cup"


The UP music kinda gave the easter egg away

Rachel and Alexandra Vlogz

Barber: ok how do want hair


Fun with guru and lemmino are the best youtubers in the world

Bryan Gallagher

I liked 60 yards

Living in a tent in the woods..... Baby born way to early... etc.

Game not fame


Dan The God and ferry

Do a one on construction workers

Zen Naqvi

Wilhelms can never catch a break 🙏🏼

PhantomNeko 0

Im criying :((

Lunatic Wolf

title "my handsome boyfriend doesn't care that I'm autistic"

Britteny Taylor

Omg that designer!! The clothes gorgeous


is your cort ok??

Ajok Gak



Max was right. Smh too annoying

Bidalia Luna

Are those actually real phones

clue ?



Frozen taken by Nick furie

Just Browsing

This was too long for me to watch..can someone sum it up?

serenenumber 3


TheGamingGamer 2016


JimmyDude 21

The boom stick was way better


Jenna, your hair looks so healthy, gonna do something to it?

Pope Francis vs Ghandi

Nando5616 Gaming

For trash dad who threw the last bow really hard

Stepback Lo

144 dick eaters

If you don

Nicole Perez

Go to Puerto Rico!!


I'm 6'5 I have to slow my pace down a lot when I'm walking with my girl and my friends.


1 1

dude perfect 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 the bests