FX Trading - Tomei um esporro da equipe! Realidade....

Galera, tomei um esporro do pessoal aqui e agora estou mostrando para vocês um pouco da FX e o que é bom TODO MUNDO OUVIR.Link para cadastro na FX: do grupo whatsapp:nosso grupo de cadastro e tire suas duvidas.Aqui ninguém vai enganar você!E lembre-se: "Não invista nada nesse tipo de negócio que você não esteja disposto a perder".

Oo Go

My grandfather died a year ago I cried for 2 days I even cried when I went to sleep I stayed up for I day I eventually got over It I become sad when I think about it ( I cried a little when I was making this comment )

Janice Abellano

How did you do that tell me now please

Jacklin C

ilike the panda hes cute and i know whar he looks like

Dakota Royal

would of broken the fucking glass.

Alexandre Rochon

1:31 everyone saw fun with guru on the wall? lol

Tomas Borja

Make this the most liked comment on utube.......Meep


50% of this comment section are “2018 anyone?”The other 50% is................No u know what it’s all just “2018 anyone?”

_Kcninja _

This is my favourite ping trick shot vid

The Mavericks

I’m the human controller .xD

Killerdodge 09

Give me a like team coby all the way

gauge fortinte

Love the cowboys



Cataclysmic zhanglo

Well my dad is “just” the best. He literally told me to go commit suicide and I quote “if you want to did, then go die, stop giving us problems”. Yeah, amazing family right?

AAM amit amazing maker

Range monster was so much money spend

Lily Loo & Myles Too

I past that same place going to Florida!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Donaldson

I gurrantee he wouldnt even be albe to do half the stuff the nba players can ! plus he tries a million times anyone could do that


The battlefield easter egg is kind of like the Halo Red vs Blue easter eggs

Da bomb really doesn't taste good.

Pugguy 13

It's nice that Rickey stenhouse Jr. got 2 wins in 2017

Vida Gay Castillo

Number 2 trending here in PH

Andrei Chesnoiu




laura c

Wow, I LOVED the powderpuff girls one. I’m weak for pencil writing sounds

Ephim Tropics

Your vids pop in my feed so much. I thought I was subscribed. Well I made sure if that today. I cook the same shit you do and.. its amazing. Thanks for being here and doing what you love!

Toastbrot Töstbröderich

1:48 r.i.p neck

Lunchbox god

Not sure if you can scared enough

Mr. Incognito

Fake btw the people that are in ilands shoud be dead already

u won every level, you’re the leader, ooh

Adum madA

Looks doo doo poo poo

And then he dies.

Wiktor Włoch

Double rim =_=

Arce YT

🐼 is the best


Awesome video Guru + i didnt know these easter eggs O_o


he is trolling you

travelgram malayalam

മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ...?

Michael McDonald

Dp stereo types

Ethan Zhou



Wow thx

Armando Tapia

Work with the patriots next

Gorila Tan

For those need help, see this. This can cure anxiety.

Jonathan Requena

Well.... We know someone whose burning their bracket again this year .....

King krispy YT

Team tyler

Feby Anjelina Pisces

I'm cry