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Lil Ju

plz make more videos like top 10 movie Easter eggs i looooooove the music you put in the videos so plz make mor like that


Thank you Guru ❤

Meme Review

Merry Christmas MrGuru! You are the best ❤


I also find it kinda funny (maybe not an easter egg) that the pilot in that airplane levels name is hawkins...hawx, hawx 2 maybe another game reference?

Syed Kareem

2:32 that's how I play pool😂😂😂😂

Joey Rue

Damn dude sorry your parents got a divorce

cayden henderson

yea 2019

And thanks to all of the encouraging people that helped me I feel good about myself. And now, when I finally have the diagnosis I have the answers to why I was different. I was diagnosed as 20 years old because I was able to imitate other people well enough to seem somewhat normal in my younger years 😅 but after a few months in hospital with tests about personality and feelings, they figured it out!

Khogn TM

Nathany Draktano here.

Sarita Pattnaik

I subscribed

Taejah Jones

do you think that Jerry Riceis way then Cody

william taylor

ok not really



if i could make a game, i will put a dog tombstone besides a house, if you didn't know what reference it is, think of who and what animals died recently


so true.

Talon Torres

And then there’s me who eats whatever they want and is 12 and is 121 pounds and is muscular and in wrestling and I’m a girl ._.



J green

Didn't he used to say sword in his top three things or is that a different video

Erik Helkimo

It's not freeeeeeeee!!! :((

Vash theStampede

Smiley Dog.jpg 6:27

Kelly Dilday



Jin Leem

rip dez bryant got injured

Jacob Sheffield

5:25 Adam Scott: "You guys do this for a living?"

ryder White


Assoaciates in Law

That was so good

Namos Initiatives

Omg.... Finallyyyyyy😍😍😍😍

love dreamer

Open relationship is not the correct word to use they are polyamorous is the word my mom has a husband and a boyfriend so please don't judge this life style I see nothing wrong with the lifestyle it's just completely normal

Communist International & Co.

So is she originally a male or a female?

Bernice Wong

Sounds like the same girl or woman over and over again

Margaret Haynes

I love the COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!

Sophia López López

One of my Best friends is Bulgarian and since she doesn’t have her visa anymore she’s forced to move away.

CaptainThorLoki of the seventh dimension of blendid

luv the minecraft skin for the l4d2

Robert Weliem

Don push


marmar beach

I wonder who sponsored this video

Reacher Stixxs

Best Game Series of all time.


Do floorball trickshots

Preston Thomas

panda falling from the tree

Itz Cam

“No shave November”More like No nut November


Why did her iPhone look like an lg phone at first 😂?


i subscribed

Aquatic Wolf愛

I weigh 108 pounds and I'm a child even my closest friends make fun of me...

Out Of Oblivion Productions

Stupid out of control bitch.

What's the joy of doing the same thing as everyone else? How do you stand apart if you're just like them? But I do understand that sometimes you need a little change. Whatever you chose to do I don't think I'm hitting that unsubscribe button any time soon.

Jaren Grey

it's been a while :)

Falez Ex

this is prob the most acward video yet. lol