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kashmala khan



Girl: A sweet redhead boy with beautiful blue eyes



An Orthodox Philosophy

It's insane what people spend their money on lol.


Disney: it’s exclusive on gma!Also Disney: what’s a gma?


rip rip rip rip

Reece Warmano

Some really good transitions in this video grue

Bella Duke

Ethan sounded like the koolaid man at 30:06 😂

Lierna Dachi

Hey about brave extra is not one people but two people


Of course the idiot Raptors announcers had to take a shot at the Spurs. No one forced Kawhi to play, he sat out 73 freaking games with a phantom injury, and your team had to sit him out 20 games just to make it here.


It's not Bland, Boring, So on so fourth, that comment proves you suck at no purpose survival games.

baby_potato lena

I honestly know my parents wpuld get mad..but all this time I've need crying to my self think about killing myself I wanted to do it..and almost did it

Flash =red

victor Rodriguez

yo your videos are so pretty fucken dope!!!

MeeChan Yo

From what I can tell I am half Secure half avoidant

Bubs Butterball

Bro what happened to the instructor

adam calhoun

i like the jack reference and keep doing what you want to do no matter what you want your fans will most like it even if you change up the criteria

Matthew Chan

I got it

o0tiger bhumi0o

Who is the panda

addyy glenn

I just noticed Matthias can boss them around and the have to listen


All boss

Lightning Tomy


ITs ThE YOuTUbe AlGorIThm

They’re playing a game of soccer on a baseball field and there’s no audience