How Forex Trading Make Millions in South Africa

How Forex trading makes millions in South Africa. How to make millions from forex trading. Instagram: @mrturner_I have seen how some forex traders make there millions and some of their methods can be unpopular with the consumer protection act. I am not bashing their hustle but I am tired of seeing the same cycle. If it was done without faking it then I would not have made this video.As always let me know our thoughts.


This was the best one yet, because it isn't about Lebron not answering him..... oh wait Lebron still got brought up... why? Who cares, more about the Tijuana Fish please.

Norberto Jones

Land of pure imagination

Connor r

Great trailer!


FxxK YOU MICROSOFT!! Why not a ps3 version

Nafedalbi Films

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Random Crafts

3:28Poor cody

Black Sambo

Tbh even though they say that this is their “biggest project yet” or that this new console is going to be a “game changer “ or whatever, I don’t really believe that this is the best they got. I know they made this somewhat better but I don’t believe it’s gonna be revolutionary. The only thing we know is coming with this Xbox is better graphics for 8k televisions, the “removal” of loading screens, and halo. And tbh I love halo but can we get something new? I get that it’d be a great grab for cash to brings in those infinite fans with a new Xbox attached to it but It’s getting old. Microsoft needs to bring more to the table, soon. Sony is starting to feel more put together and focused on their goal. I don’t play PS4, have always enjoyed xbox but I’d like to see some change in the next coming years.

anthony olea 714

U should prank ur mom buy saying I won't tell mom about the girl I saw u with yesterday and just see how it goes from there @fazerug

Ava Baradel

what if that third ivf was gonna work and they never did it but if they had they would’ve had kid

Toenah B

or 21

glenda moncayo

What about Messi

Jing Yan Liew

This looks like pubg

Josephine Vannoy

Bill gates?

Zach Sasek

17 bounces

Crafty Animates

Trust me I will Not be in this situation

Matt and nate vlogs

that was awesome

Shortcut Gaming

3:33 he says let’s go and then the song says let’s go

Kaden Moore


Noel looks like the American version of bob Morley from the 100

معاذ الحكمي

Thats frozen 4 not 2

San Dro

where most we buy stick

Keller Elison

thumbs up if that was the worst fail when the panda fell out of the tree that you have seen this month

Famous SONGS

0:44-1:06literally me in discord general chats!

Also girl: I have no friends


This look sad