How Free Investing Apps Really Make Money

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The Janitors pet could also be a reference to Futurama... Where the janitor is called scruffy

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Do Easter eggs for burn out paradise

Nicholas Saxerud

mall stereotypes

Nardozi Productions

Stop breaking through the fucking roof


How are you supposed to figure out that code for the battlefield bow easter egg?

Abdullah Almomtan

i hoped that wendys linees would come from the patreons song cameo, but the lines were still awesome.

Corey Martinez

Sucks to see they never put women in these 💀😂


Im so introverted :/ I don't like being around a crowd and it makes me feels so tired after that :'3

Kate H

Fabulous work James. So proud of you. We always knew you could do it. Much love xx💜❤💚💛💙🖤🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


I love you

Yvung Queen

I'm greatful for being punished I would be a horrible child w/o that

Brendan A SAVAGE

I am the last minute shopper

LuAn BrAhImAj

Hahaha naqib aiman thinks he is better than fun with guru

Anna Galloway

Saymy name

red red

Fuck this dude he is stupid

Uzi Esparza

Did dice make mirrors edge?


Please just make real vids i know i will get hate so ya

Braden B

Some people move on...

DarkX 991

8:10 witch from left 4 dead 2


Are there spoilers in this video? Haven't gotten around to playing MGSV yet

Morgan Szufnarowski

#YIAYjob her job is managing that forehead for realtors. Any offers yet?

JP Jehu

is that other guy in your video brodie from the amazing race. brodie and Kurt.


I was wondering if you are forced to have compagnons following you everywhere in this game ?


Every video on this channel is fantastic :D

Nico Engebret

So, am I the only one frowning a bit?

_*Monkey Instinct*_

Tien has one arm, so will Future Gohan have one arm?


I'm the dude who spills his drink an popcorn on the ground before taking a seat and always misses the movie intro

1 cup cold, strong, brewed coffee


That gta easter egg though

gaming bros

dragon ball xenoverse 2


It's so sad.....😥

Caitlin Laing

tom is such a good actor

Aaron Brandon

Ur should do a soccer stereotypes ❤️

Josh The Living Thing

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Yasmim Barros

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Open relationships are just a way of saying “we can both cheat on each other because we aren’t satisfied with our lives”

helbert mendez

I dont think this is true thinking this year s fake maybe?