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Selah Quinn

Team coby


A weird story of mine .___. :

Ken Varner

Just think how much better he would have been if he weighed less!!!


Who's watching this in 2017

black hole

I was born three months early


May he RIP, no one will ever replace the old guy in these movies

Christopher Dean

eifel tower


Happy new year Guru!

Elise Udy

😆 lol


ohh yea he from Texas!!

Danny J

Did anyone hear Tye swear

Starling Ahn

More Manaola!

Monti Stuff??

Phycopath : I'm gonna kill you !

Katie’s Gacha

How many people are in your inner world?

DJ Khunt

This was a great video, don't come full circle I want you to make videos until you die because you're fucking awesome.

Charlie Cook

mountain hiking should be your next stereotype video

CobaltFox Plays...

So... the queen and princess just left Arendelle... who's watching it? The trolls?


The yeti is cool


I am crying

Me: same keeps scrolling


This game sure have interesting easter eggs.

This Story is Absolutely Beau

Star Cat Gacha

Now I wanna work at Starbucks when I'm old enough to. XD

amir hassan

I like kfc...

Leela Doggo

People wish they are models but its really annoying sometimes 😂 I do hair modelling because my red hair is "rare" and "special" but I cannot do anything to it (dye it or cut it short) 😂

JD Blair

I’m probably a human controller😂

Artwithari The channel of art

Why is the word "bullying" censored?

Levi de Ridder

8:32 fortnite victory royale

Josh Laws

Goooooo tyler


We gave our mothers too much pain...


Hax or not, fun to watch!


Doggo = no depression

Angela Evoe

why won't funwithguru do a face reveal

Joseph Gambino


Chappie Livdahl

The Bow-And-Arrow A-Bomb swisher.


This story is one of a passive girl who loves attention but failed to understand or care about the needs of a young man


The rage monster, that's me

Azwane Nnor

The Who Wearing White Jacket is so cute

Be Godoy



This make me question a lot

"The accidental (late) punch had NOTHING TO DO with this outcome -"

Johann Gabriel Labarda

SKY HIGH! hahaha traffic cone is a true winner