How I make money Forex trading

A short video covering how I manage to trade and make money from Forex. To summarise, it is all about recognising recurring events (patterns, behaviours, reversals, news) and creating a trading system or strategy around these events in order to give yourself an edge i.e put chance in your favour. Follow me! Facebook @lovethepips Twitter @lovethepipsInstagram @forextradersammortonPrice Action Trading learn more at Trading Signals


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Camden Cirillo


I Am A Pineapple

Theres a funny easter egg in dead island where in one of the bungalows, theres a porno set with a camera and a girl tied to a bed


You realize Christopher Columbus was an awful person who killed hundreds of innocent people and didn’t even discover America

kylan warmelink


AwesomeDoge [Official]

People, don’t wish the bully to die. Let the past go. Move on. She knows what she did and she will not do it again.

Venus Doom47

At 30 seconds I say lol it's the dill do bat


Does anyone wonder who that mystery panda is?

Finnish dub Ylitalo

I hate needles and electricity too

Dylan Enslow


I’m pretty sure those are the same thing.

Josh McGrath


JuSt MonIkA

Finally a sequel that will be good


Cristian's Playtime

I know coby and cory are brothers

K Wing



3:45 the MacBook looks so fake


I literally could only stomach two minutes and 45 seconds of her.


mordor is located in amsterdam?

Aramide Lawal

Is it just me, or does any one else feel Terry crews is the perfect host. Love him.

Ellis Dowling

I know people are going to dis this comment but wen do u see a normal kid on this there always disabled I don't dis disabled but u don't see anyone without a disability on these vids

Darcy Kipnis

My whole family hates smoking. And me. Please like if you agree.

* Rick

what is your favorite game developers

by FunWithGuru.

Marycarmen Zamudio

Do more please

2fab4u No Ur not

U need more subsribers

Charlie Falcon

*Invites Dylan to be in a video**makes him moving cameraman*


I got it


The voice sounds like a young girl like 12?


Song is straight garbage

kaitlyn ricketts

Rilly. The hardys

Jorge Trejo

Cool shit


9:00 watch out guys we got a badass creeper here

Diamond Jno Phillip

what happens to a mini tyre in a vacuum chamber

Ruilida Construction

Rip the old guy everyone shall remember him

Pokmeon Cards Reviewer

Mine is march 27

Chris 716

Damn this shit is pathetic

jake decker