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"protagonist" doesn't necessarely mean the main good guy. Protagonist is the main character of the story, regardless of their moral alignment. Villain protagonists and protagonists without defining "good" or "evil" alignment exist too.

the demon5

i am not scared of death i am simply just afraid of living ln a world with the ignorant humans

Sampa Giri

Panda is very likely to boat

The Pro

Awesome, im one of the first :p

nah dude.. I suck you dry first.. lol

Babycorgi Playz

Coby has a 20% chance of winning


Okay I never cry at videos but I did for this 😭


Awesome as always, my friend.

Flaprise 1337

Erased someone from existence?



Mob 360 48205

At least 7 songs from his album will hit 20 million this SUMMER

aayan qwerty


Kool Kat

I didn't expect it to happen but I have anxiety too when it comes to dating and I started crying in the middle of the video....

Pointless Vloggers

Did anyone notice Coby dropped the blitzball at the end of the intro? Poor Coby........

Marco Sanchez

is a good game

Álvaro Benarroch Rivero

There's a little reference to Slendeman. You can see spray paints of him around town in alleyways and some "rooftops"

Madison Gilley

24 bounces


Stand alone spin off DLC.

Dom Herrera

Coby will every battle they dp keeps saying he will lose

Allah is God

What did that chinese writing mean?

Maggie McGill

I love this series so much!! Awesome that you found a local designer who offered plus sizes, the clothes were beautiful and Kristin looked BOMB. I did wonder if you had many options of local shops or if that was the only one? I'm throwing DC into the ring as places to travel because I don't know of any local shops that sell plus here!

A trash God

No Danny Green comments ??????

Thomas Baker

5:29 they look like an old couple

Terri Van Lo

Stereotype beatboxer


Sam The Guy

hippity hoppity women are property

Alijah Reimonenq

I am sooooo sick of dem fake trick shots they be doin